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Most Microsoft Office users should already be familiar with the many add-ons that can be used to improve the functionality of the software that is part of the package. Many of these small add-ons are designed for automation purposes and to make the workflow a little more fluid for those who need to work with Office applications on a daily basis. One of the services that has a larger number of regular users is Microsoft Excel and, as might be expected, has a fairly large number of add-ons tailored specifically for this environment. An interesting package that combines many features for this particular member of the Office suite are ASAP_Utilities_7-9-2_HS_Setup.

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This plugin adds a lot of features and it only takes a few moments to install it on the target system. Once you configure and launch Excel to see what it is all about, the abundance of features included within a single package can surprise you. First, ASAP Utilities 7.9.2 Activation Key comes with a long list of shortcuts that can help you launch your most used tools and commands. This key database can be enriched by adding custom combinations of your own keystrokes to use other Excel functions you may need.

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In terms of choices that can be made within a worksheet, this add-on contains several options to highlight cells and sheets that you can use when dealing with the content distributed throughout the document. There are also many shortcuts you can use to perform columns and rows, as well as object selections and comments, editing, and other content management actions. it is safe to say that the range of actions covered by ASAP Utilities Serial Code is really impressive and it is not often that you can come across such a large collection of commands and features that are set to be a click away from completion.


Free Download ASAP Utilities for Excel 7 is a powerful Excel add-on that fills in the gaps in Excel. Since 1999 it has grown to become perhaps one of the most popular add-ons in the world for MS Excel.
ASAP Utilities Serial Key is an add-on for Microsoft Excel that lets you automate some daily or repetitive tasks. Organized by categories, various tools offer you visualization, management of sheets, columns, text but also the import and export of files or objects. It is compatible with Excel 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007. The number of features in ASAP Utilities (300+) may seem a bit large, but taking a few minutes just to see everything works wonders. You can add the tools you like best to your favorite menu and set your own shortcuts for quick access. You can also search for and launch a tool quickly without going through menus.

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ASAP Utilities will work on all computers that meet the requirements of MS Office Excel 2000, 2002 / XP, 2003 or 2007 and have MS Windows as the operating system (for example Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 64 bit systems, Terminal Server etc. .). For people still using Excel 97 there is a (very) old version available. ASAP Utilities Activation Code has also been tested and works with the new Windows 7 (release candidate). As for Excel 2010 (formerly Excel 14), we tested the pre-release and found that only the 32 bit version of Excel 2010 supports ASAP Utilities at the moment (September 2009).


  • Select cells based on content, formatting and more
  • Advanced ranking, sort by more than values
  • Remove the selection of cells in your selection
  • Apply the formula to the selected cells
  • Remove the main, subsequent and redundant spaces
  • Sort sheet tabs by name or color
  • Export worksheets as separate files
  • Quickly create multiple worksheets with automatic labeling
  • Copy the page of a worksheet and print the settings
  • Protect multiple sheets at once
  • Enter before and / or after each cell in your selection…
  • Vision control: look at workbooks, worksheets and easily change their settings
  • File import and export tools (txt, csv, dbf, xls, gif, jpg, html, etc.)


What does ASAP Utilities do?

ASAP Utilities is a powerful Excel add-on. Tools from ASAP Utilities Registration Code add new functionality to Excel and are guaranteed to save you time and speed up your work. Over the last 22 years it has grown to become perhaps one of the most popular add-ons in the world for MS Excel.

What is Excel ASAP?

ASAP Utilities for Excel is a collection of additional applications for Microsoft Excel that add macros to make Excel faster and easier to use in areas such as Version Control, Completion, Formatting, Import, Export and many more .

What are graph services in Excel?

A graph is a powerful tool that allows you to visually display data in a variety of different graphic formats, e.g. bar graphs, column, pie, line, area, dough, distribution, surface or radar. With Excel, it is easy to create a graph. Here are some of the types of graphs you can create in Excel.

How do you split sheets in ASAP Utilities?

In the Excel menu select: ASAP Utilities 7.9.2 Crack »Range» Divide the selected range into multiple worksheets … «Return to the“ Range ”tool list.


ASAP Utilities 7.9.2 Key is a powerful Excel add-on that fills in gaps in Excel and automates frequently used tasks. Since 1999 it has grown to become perhaps one of the most popular add-ons in the world for MS Excel.
Extensive features are the result of years of experience and development, combined with feedback from many respected users at different levels of experience. Feedback from users in particular has been very important and will continue to be important in further development.
ASAP Utilities have been upgraded and expanded with many new features and a user-friendly interface. It is constantly evolving, so new features and enhancements are being added all the time. The first year I put the program online, a new version came out almost every month. Nowadays, a new version is released at least twice a year. The data we get from users all over the world is a great incentive for us to make it a better product every time.

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