Ayaic Ceilings Of Sound Pro 0.4.0 + Crack

Ceilings Of Sound Pro Crack is Ayaic’s and the world’s first Hyper-EQ. It is a switchable 50/31 band EQ that is controlled by 15 of Ayaic’s unique “ceiling bands”. A “spectrum fit to ceiling” function automatically adapts the equalizer to the shape of the ceiling created, while an “auto ceiling generation” function allows you to create a ceiling instantly. Plus, there are 49 ceiling guides to help you keep your audio in perfect tonal balance. Whether you’re working with one of hundreds of presets, one of your own created presets, simply manipulating the shape of the ceiling of your raw sound source, or working directly in EQ edit mode … the perfect equalization. it’s quick and easy. Ceilings Of Sound Pro is the most versatile EQ you will ever use and probably the most fun you will ever have using an EQ. It’s important to note that since the EQ sticks to noise ceilings, your audio source will always remain musical no matter what shape you create. This means that no ceiling shape will ever sound “bad”, just different, making COS Pro the ultimate sound design tool.

Ceilings of Sound Pro is also the ultimate EQ guide when working with your hardware EQs. It takes the guesswork out of the EQ process, allowing you to fully utilize all of your existing hardware EQs … just stick to the maximum limits. If you are a professional mixing engineer, Ceilings of Sound Pro will be an invaluable asset in speeding up your workflow, if you are a beginner, Ceilings of Sound Pro Keygen will be an invaluable asset in ensuring your projects are matched properly and ready to compete. on today’s sonic world stage. When it comes to add-ons, it seems like all the ones that are based on old analog gear are about to sell out. Engineers today don’t have the same affinity for analog and its emulations that classic engineers had, and they are looking for things that are a modern combination of control and speed. I think Ayaic Ceilings Of Sound Pro’s Hyper-EQ plug-in fits very well in this category. Even better, it’s part of the latest field of smart plugins that can do much of the work for you, if you want.

Ceilings Of Sound (COS) is basically an equalizer but with 31 or 50 bands that are further controlled by 15 “ceiling bands”. It has a very functional real-time analyzer at its heart that allows you to adjust the EQ to the curve of a sound or song, and then transfer it to another you might be working on. You can then manually control the various bands from there to provide the final settings. Kudos to the Ayaic design team for making COS so easy to use. The plugin revolves around two selections in the top menu. Auto Generate Ceiling is used to automatically configure the plug-in ceiling bands to the incoming sound source. Once configured, you can drag the bands to the way you want to boost the EQ. You can also change the frequency and slope of a band by entering the frequency and selecting a slope from the Slope screen. From there, you can check your tonal balance with some built-in noise guides that provide selections of pink and brown noise. When you’re happy with what you have, click Conform Spectrum To Ceilings of Sound Pro License Key and the EQ will adjust to the ceiling shape you marked. While the default will use 31 frequency bands to conserve the computer’s CPU, you can expand the EQ definition by pressing Ceiling Edit, which then enters EQ Edit mode. From there, you can select 50 bands by toggling the 50/31 band switch. Hundreds of presets are provided to get you started, but you can also generate your own if you encounter EQ curves that you will constantly return to. While you typically have to press Conform Spectrum after each EQ setting to hear it, there is an Enable Auto Conform selection that will automatically conform so that you hear the preset right away. Finally, there is an output level and volume meter to make sure the plugin remains free of surges.


Free Download Ayaic Ceilings Of Sound Pro, the full version offline standalone installer for Windows, is a truly unique approach to equalizing sound. Ayaic Ceilings Of Sound is available in various versions. The basic version is limited to just 5 bands of EQ and retails for $ 99. V2 offers 7 headband bands and click-drag ergonomics for $ 129. Ceilings Of Sound Extended gives you 15 headband bands and the “generation” feature. Auto Ceiling “for quick preset creation for $ 149, and the Pro version includes 15 ceiling bands, auto ceiling generator, 50/31 band linear graphic EQ and spectrum to ceiling function for $ 199. There is also a trial period to verify it.

File Name : Ayaic Ceilings Of Sound Pro v0.4.0
Created By : AYAIC
Release Date : December 31st, 2020
Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10


  • Unique approach to equalize sound
  • 15 user-definable roof bands
  • First EQ to incorporate noise spectrum as EQ “buttons”
  • 49 noise tracks
  • Optimized for multiple instances during projects with a large number of tracks
  • The controls are intuitive
  • Adapt the spectrum to the ceiling


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This Ceilings of Sound Pro Crack takes a truly unique approach to sound equalization and is the first equalizer to incorporate the noise spectrum as equalizer “knobs”. 15 user-definable ceiling bands containing 49 noise slopes each allow you to create sonic ceiling shapes that control the settings of a 50/31 band linear graphic EQ. The EQs operate at 0 latency, low CPU load but are highly accurate, even at low frequencies where it really matters. A “spectrum fit to ceiling” feature adapts your EQ to the shape of your ceiling with the click of a button.

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