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CAT Data Recovery Crack is a computer software company with pioneering products in the fields of data recovery and file repair. CAT’s primary mission is to develop and provide technology in the form of tools that help computer users solve everyday computer problems. Designed with a minimalist user interface, CAT Data Recovery is a tool to recover deleted data from any storage drive with an impeccable success rate. Integrated with sophisticated recovery algorithms, CAT Data Recovery is a comprehensive tool for recovering files from severe data loss scenarios such as data loss due to accidental deletions, damaged storage drive, virus-infected hard drives, and even hard drives. storage with bad sectors. In the world of technology, data is the strongest asset, losing such valuable data can be truly distressing. Fortunately, with the help of CAT data recovery software, you can effortlessly recover files from severe data loss scenarios. Developed by testing against real-time data loss situations, CAT data recovery software is the perfect solution for all your data loss problems.

Designed with a simple and straightforward user interface, CAT data recovery software is the fastest and easiest method of recovering deleted or lost files. CAT data recovery has a Recover Photo option that ensures to recover more than 300 digital file formats like photos, videos, audio files. With the help of add file type option, users can define any proprietary file type and retrieve it. With the help of a saved recovery session, you can avoid rescanning the entire drive. Integrated with a deep scan algorithm, CAT data recovery tool can search for data signatures in each individual storage sector and recover files stored in them. The tool also comes with a preview option that allows users to check the recovered files even before purchasing the product. Recovering data from damaged storage drives can be tricky and in some cases almost impossible. Fortunately, with the help of Cat data recovery License Key software, users will be able to effortlessly access and restore data from damaged storage drives, undetectable hard drives, drives that became Raw partitions. Furthermore, this data recovery tool also supports a wide variety of storage drives, such as pendrives, hard drives, SSD, SD cards. Cat can also detect multiple storage drives formatted with various file systems like NTFS, FAT, FAT 32, ExFAT and recover data from them.

Data is not actually lost, even if it is deleted, accidentally or intentionally. Specialized data recovery tools are common today and seem to be quite efficient when it comes to recovering lost files. If you need specific files from your drive or other storage devices, CAT Data Recovery Serial Key can help you recover them.When started, the application detects all your active drives. Please note that the partitions are listed in the Recover Files category. There are three categories in total and they control what type of data is retrieved. Besides recovering files, you can also recover only photos or an entire partition. Dividing the process between three segments seems like a time-saving aspect, as the application displays the type of files you are interested in (eg photos / images). To start the recovery process, you need to select a partition and click Scan. After the scan is complete, all the data found is displayed along with various filters that help you identify the files you are looking for. Also, if you were unsuccessful with the first scan, you can try a deep scan. This type of scan takes a bit longer as you have to dig deeper, but it will find your files, unless a high-end shredder has been used to remove them.


Free download standalone offline installer of CAT Data Recovery for Windows full version, you can quickly recover your data after various data loss scenarios. Data loss scenarios range from simple cases like accidentally deleting files to complex cases like formatted partitions or lost Mac volumes. This software is built with a powerful data recovery algorithm for severe data loss scenarios. The tool can seamlessly recover hundreds of Gigabytes after data loss scenarios ranging from accidental deletion or loss to formatted or deleted partitions. Depending on the use, application or occupation, each computer user handles various types of files, from documents, RAW photos, PSD files, etc. During data loss disasters such as a formatted Mac volume or a locked Windows computer, this tool can assist you in recovering specific file types, saving you the hassle of searching through thousands of recovered files.

Complex data loss scenarios such as corrupted partition or formatted hard drives make data recovery chances look bleak for any ordinary recovery tool. However, for a tool that is built with an advanced scan engine backed by a smart scan feature, data recovery from complex data loss scenarios is not an obstacle. CAT data recovery software really brings you a powerful data recovery experience. The tool ensures that no sector of the storage device goes unscanned and recovers all data safely.


  • Recover files of almost any file format
  • Secure data recovery on multiple storage devices
  • Powerful data recovery software for Mac and Windows
  • CAT data recovery tool for all data loss scenarios


Can CAT perform data recovery on a crashed Windows computer?

Yes, CAT data recovery can easily help you recover data from crashed Windows computer. Apart from recovering data from crashed Windows computers, the tool is also useful in various data loss scenarios such as partition recovery, damaged hard drive recovery, or even data recovery from formatted drives.

What types of files does CAT data recovery software support?

The CAT data recovery tool seamlessly recovers files from more than 300 file types. The file types supported by CAT data recovery software are jpeg, png, jpg, RAW, docx, mov, mp4, and many more.

Does CAT data recovery software work on both Windows and Mac?

Cat data recovery software is available in two variants; for Windows and for Mac respectively. Depending on your PC, you will have to choose one accordingly.

What is the difference between normal scan and deep scan?

CAT data recovery tool is built with two scan options, normal scan and deep scan, viz. Choose Normal Scan while facing less serious data loss scenarios such as recovering deleted or lost data. On the other hand, deep analysis can help you recover data from severe data loss scenarios such as recovering data from formatted partitions, hard drives or any other storage devices.


CAT Data Recovery Full Crack Version seems like an intuitive and comprehensive solution for file recovery as it can scan and recover lost data from local partitions as well as external storage devices, corrupted or not.

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