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Minitab Crack statistical software is very suitable for 6 Sigma and other quality improvement projects. From statistical process control to experimental design, it provides the tools you need to implement every stage of a quality project and features like StatGuide and ReportPad to help you understand and communicate the results. No packaging is more accurate, reliable or easier to use.

The full version of Minitab License Key also offers many exciting new features, such as a powerful new graphics engine that can provide compelling results and an in-depth understanding of data creation and editing and chart updating. Easily customize menus and toolbars to access the most commonly used methods.

Minitab Keygen integrates support for exporting generated graphics to popular productivity applications (such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint), thus providing a quick and easy way to create new presentations and share your project results. Advanced users can also take advantage of other applications developed by software developers. This includes SPM (machine learning and predictive analytics software), Companion (project supervision application), and Quality Trainer (resources for online education of statistics and application services).


Companion By Minitab (Minitab Quality Companion) is a software from the company MiniTAB and is a very powerful application software for statistical data. This software offers the ability to update and sort statistical data into different sections, as well as Roadmaps tools, a powerful tool to analyze the approach of different data in a project. This feature of Minitab Quality Companion software ensures that the project progresses quickly with minimal errors. Minitab Quality Companion allows the user to change existing tools and customize the tab in this software. This software has become one of the best software in the field with an easy and simple environment.


  • Even if your background isn’t statistical information, it’s easy to use statistical information. Quickly identify distributions, correlations, outliers and missing values. Required statistical tests include a paired t-test, one- and two-ratio tests, normality tests, chi-square tests, and nonparametric tests.
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning technology can study your data more deeply.
  • Graphical output illustrates your findings; scatter plots, bubble plots, box plots, dot plots, histograms, graphs, time series plots, etc.
  • The chart updates seamlessly as the data changes. The updated drawing function can zoom in on various parts of the graph to explore more detailed points of interest.
  • Minitab 19 provides statistical analysis, visualization, prediction, and improvement analysis for data-driven decision making. Regardless of statistical background, Minitab 18 can enable organizations to predict better outcomes, design better products, and improve the future through its easy-to-use software or support network of expert statisticians.
  • Faster performance can efficiently synthesize large amounts of data. Discover valuable information about data faster.
  • It’s easier than ever. Minitab’s intuitive new interface and Assistant can easily guide you through data analysis. Industry-leading technical support and training can help you through the entire process.
  • Use the flexibility you need to manage and organize your projects – the new browser function allows you to group results / analysis by spreadsheet and run them in alphabetical or sequential order. Minitab 17 lets you easily compare multiple analyzes side-by-side. New DOE (Design of Experiments) statistical functions, step-by-step regression, and improved pattern features can facilitate in-depth data analysis.
  • You don’t have to be a statistician to get the insights you need from the data.
  • Minitab Assistant is an integrated interactive feature that can guide you through the analysis and even help you interpret and present results.


What is Companion by Minitab?

Companion by Minitab Keygen is the industry-leading software to help track and manage continuous improvement projects securely, centrally and globally. Companion by Minitab® 5.3 is the complete process improvement toolkit. Companion roadmaps enable the execution, sharing, and replication of projects across organizations.

What is a quality companion?

Minitab’s Quality Companion software provides project file organization and execution services. They are designed with Roadmaps™ that describe an operator’s approaches and share the data entered in one tool for the entire project. This feature results in faster project progress with minimal margins for error.

What is Minitab used for?

Minitab License Key is a software product that helps you analyze data. This is primarily designed for Six Sigma professionals. It provides a simple and effective way to enter statistical data, manipulate that data, identify trends and patterns, and then extrapolate the answers to current problems.

How much does Minitab Companion cost?

Minitab pricing starts at $1,610.00 per feature as a one-time payment. They don’t have a free version. Minitab offers a free trial.


Minitab License Key guides teams through Six Sigma and similar projects from start to finish, clarifying the purpose of each task and providing the tools that help strengthen statistical analysis. Using the same software as the Six Sigma professionals gives students a valuable summary creation experience. Everything you need to manage your improvement projects in a single app.

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