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Drive Letter Changer Crack is an easy-to-use application that allows you to quickly customize local or removable drives by changing their letter. The application can be useful in cases where you want to change the drive letter, especially for removable volumes. Plus, it’s lightweight and requires no installation. When opened, Drive Letter Changer can automatically detect the available partitions on your computer and display them in a table. You can also see the label of the drive, if it exists, as well as the name of the drive and mounted folders. You can open the Task menu or simply right-click on the table entry you want to modify. A secondary menu can be accessed, containing a list of all available letters for the selected drive. Letters that are already assigned are marked in bold and the Windows drive letter is always prohibited.

Drive Letter Changer License Key allows you to mount the selected drive in an empty NTFS folder, if available, as well as perform the opposite action: unmount the NTFS folder. You can also view drive properties, available space, and network sharing options. The program also allows you to activate the Disk Manager tool and create volume mount points using command line arguments. You can also perform these tasks from Windows, however, Drive Letter Changer is designed to ease the way and bring all the options in a single interface. Drive Letter Changer requires no installation, which means you can easily run it from any folder you like. desire, even removable drives. It has a simple interface, in which it automatically shows the available units as soon as you open the program. In addition, it allows you to access tasks from its context menu.

Drive Letter Changer is a free portable tool that allows you to remap PC drive letters in two or three clicks. The program is small (a single executable under 400 KB) and has a very basic interface: mostly just a table with a list of your current drive letters, their labels and names. Click on the drive you want to remap and a context menu will appear immediately. (Maybe this is a bug, with a left click being treated as a right? We’re not sure.) Hovering over “Change Drive Letter” brings up a list of possible drive letters, and all you have to do is click one. Drive Letter Changer also supports creating volume mount points, where essentially an empty folder on an NTFS drive can point to another volume. If you want an easier way to access your E drive, for example you can create a SpareDrive desktop folder, select E: in Drive Letter Changer Serial Key, click “Mount to empty NTFS drive” and select Desktop \ SpareDrive. Now whenever you navigate to SpareDrive, you will see and be able to access all the files and folders on your E: drive. (A “Unmount” option disables this mapping when you are done). There are a few little extras here too. Click on a drive and you will find convenient options to open it in Explorer or view its properties. Experts may also appreciate a Tools menu with options to start the Disk Management applet, run the mountvol.exe command, or restart Windows Explorer. While this works fine for the most part, Drive Letter Changer has a notable problem: It doesn’t seem to recognize network drives. Your drive letters are shown as “free” in the program, and you can map drives there, but they may not be accessible. This isn’t a big deal, if you accidentally point a drive to the wrong letter, just remap it, but it’s still annoying. Hopefully it will be solved soon.


Free Download Drive Letter Changer Full Version Offline Standalone Installer for Windows is a portable freeware tool to simplify the process of mapping a specific drive letter to a hard drive or external storage device. Whenever I plug in my USB drive, Windows Explorer presents it as drive D, and I agree with that. But what if it wasn’t? What if you wanted the USB drive to have another letter? Well, you could run the Disk Management tool that is built into the Windows operating system and use it to assign a new letter to the USB drive. Or you could get a free, portable app called Drive Letter Changer and easily assign a new USB drive letter.

I mentioned earlier that Drive Letter Changer is a portable app. What this means is that you won’t have to install it. What you will need to do instead is download a ZIP file, extract its contents, and run DChanger.exe. According to the developer, Drive Letter Changer should run smoothly on 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, or XP. Drive Letter Changer has a simple interface that lists all your drives, with drive letters, drive labels, drive names. If you want to assign a new letter to drive D, you can select it from the list, go to the Tasks menu, then the Change Drive Letter submenu and choose a new drive letter. Alternatively, you can click drive D from the list and select a new drive letter from the Change Drive Letter menu. Sordum, the developer behind Drive Letter Changer, offers this app for the great price for free. If you like Drive Letter Changer and want to support its development, please consider making a donation. Thanks to Drive Letter Changer, it’s incredibly easy to assign a drive a new drive letter. Drive D can quickly become drive M, for example.


  • Mounting a drive in a folder path has its pros and cons.
  • If you want to hide a drive from other users, just mount a drive to a folder path and remove its drive letter.


Is it okay to change the drive letter?

If you change the drive letter of a drive where Windows or applications are installed, applications may have trouble running or finding that drive. For this reason, we suggest that you do not change the drive letter of a drive on which Windows or applications are installed.

What happens if I change the letter of my C drive?

If you change the drive letter for the drives where applications or programs are installed, those applications or programs may or may not function correctly after the change because they may refer to the original path used to install those products.

Does changing the drive letter erase the data?

It does not affect the data on the drive or erase anything. The only time you may have problems is when you manually change drive letters for an internal drive.

Can I change drive D to drive C?

This opens the disk management program. Right-click on the partition you want to change and select Change Drive Letter and Paths. In the resulting dialog box, click Change. Then select an available drive letter and click OK.


Drive Letter Changer Full Crack simplifies the process of remapping PC drive letters and includes one or two useful extras. The interface has some issues and you really need to understand network drives, but otherwise the program works as expected. Be careful though: remapping drive letters can confuse some apps, and you shouldn’t use this at all unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

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