DtSearch Desktop / Engine 7.97.8684 With Crack

DtSearch Desktop Crack provides instant access to files. With DtSearch Network software, you can search text and fields across a corporate network. dtSearch Desktop and Network can index more than a terabyte of text in a single directory, multiple folders, email attachments, online data, and other databases. Various catalogs can be created and searched with this product. Even for terabytes of data, poll times listed are typically less than one second. dtSearch provides efficient multi-threaded search without limiting the number of concurrent search topics. Even with multiple dtSearch searches in a very large database, the simultaneous search time is typically less than one second.

Developers can easily integrate DtSearch’s commercial-strength text search and retrieval features into their applications using the DtSearch Desktop / Engine Full Version text search engine. Hundreds of commercial applications use the dtSearch engine. Consult third-party case studies and solutions for over one hundred developer case studies. The mechanism is commonly used to publish and search database-based websites, embed information management applications, search technical documents, combine forensic applications, etc. You can also download Perfect Keyboard.

Using email filtering and incorporating vertical market applications (legal, medical, financial, recruiting and personnel, etc.). DtSearch Engine Text Retrieval Engine Full Version is a family of products that can instantly search terabytes of text across desktop, network, Internet, or intranet sites. Furthermore, dtSearch can be used to publish documents, which can perform instant text search and collect a large number of documents on a CD/DVD or website.


DtSearch allows developers to quickly add dtSearch, providing “industrial-strength” text search and retrieval to applications. The dtSearch Engine serial key has been used in hundreds of commercial applications. For over one hundred developer case studies, see third-party case studies and solutions.

Typical uses of dtSearch include: publishing and searching database-based websites, embedding information management applications, searching technical documents, embedding forensic applications, using email filtering, and embedding various applications. vertical market (legal, medical, financial, recruitment and personnel, etc…). The dtSearch license key product series can instantly search terabytes of text across desktop, network, Internet or Intranet sites. The dtSearch product can also be used as a publishing tool, allowing instant text search, collecting a large number of documents on a website or CD/DVD.


  • As you type, you can scroll through the word list to provide instant feedback.
  • There is a detailed description of the effects of the fuzzy, voice, wildcard, radical, and thesaurus search options.
  • Thesaurus options can be browsed and customized.
  • To display all fields in the indexed document, click the Field button.
  • Displays search history.
  • Search results showing the number of hits in the retrieved documents and the number of contexts requested.
  • Clipboard options, file initialization and other tools to process the recovered data.
  • You can export search results in a variety of formats for use in other programs.
  • Specialized Indexing and Forensic Search Tools
  • Developers can access indexed, unindexed, full-text, and field data search options, as well as support for hundreds of international languages ​​through Unicode
  • Dt Search’s built-in file parser and file format support are also available for developers
  • Network-ready file search view is included in dtSearch which supports WYSIWYG highlighted file formats
  • In addition to supporting non-Web-ready formats (such as OpenOffice, MS Office and CDF files), it includes a proprietary HTML converter.
  • In addition, developer file format support can be used in conjunction with distributed or federated search, including built-in relevancy rankings and local and remote content highlighting
  • .NET, C ++ and Java are all supported
  • With the Dtsearch engine for Win and .NET, for example, you can search and index SQL-type databases, as well as select related BLOB data through ADO.NET APIs, Java APIs, C++ APIs, and COM APIs.
  • Supports search filters and data sorting options
  • The .NET Spider API allows developers to access all the functionality of dtSearch Spider
  • Developers can access C ++ and Java APIs in the Linux version.


What is dtSearch desktop?

dtSearch Desktop provides instant desktop-accessible file search. The dtSearch network allows instant text and field searches across a corporate network. The built-in Spider can expand the scope of the searchable database beyond “local” data to remote web-based content.

Is dtSearch free?

If you are working with PDFs: dtSearch offers a free Adobe Reader plugin to enable highlighting hits in PDF files after a search. Download the plugin along with the trial version.

What does dtSearch do?

Today, the dtSearch product line can instantly search terabytes of text on a desktop, network, or Internet or Intranet site. dtSearch products also serve publishing tools, with instant text search, large collections of documents on websites or portable media.

What is dtSearch in relativity?

Relativity’s dtSearch engine provides advanced search functionality such as proximity, stemming and fuzzy searches on any type of field. It also supports the use of Boolean operators and custom noise word lists, as well as the basic search features available in keyword searches.


The program is capable of performing a customizable fuzzy search, you can perform a search using different types of synonyms, can connect dictionaries and terms, the result can be sorted by relevance, you can search by phrases and consonances, if necessary, the DtSearch will allow you to conduct a search on a certain mask, embedded and morphological search, you can search on a certain range of numerical values. Among other things, DtSearch Full Crack supports Unicode, so you can search everything above in different national languages.

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