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Explorer Commander Crack is a two or four panel file management software. It allows a fundamental part of Windows operating systems, specifically File Explorer, to function in a similar way to professional file management programs, while retaining the benefits of File Explorer. If you often deal with multiple files in different folders, the conventional Explorer quickly reaches its limits. The “Explorer Commander” offers a better overview and more options. Instead of opening two or more windows, this tool allows you to view multiple folders at the same time. You can choose between a two-part and a four-part mode. A dark version is also supported. You can use the tabs above not only to specify the exact division and alignment of the sections. You can also access advanced features such as the built-in PowerShell or CMD console. The best: no installation required for all of this. So you can start after downloading.

The “Explorer Commander” manages to combine an easy-to-use interface with a wide range of functions. This means that even users with less prior knowledge can benefit from a neat file manager. Although it is a fundamental part of the operating system, Windows Explorer has one major drawback, namely that it does not support multi-panel mode. While it is true that you can open multiple browser sessions to compensate, the multi pane is more efficient for file management and increases productivity. Explorer Commander Activation Key is a small utility designed to replace Windows Explorer and includes this feature.The program does not require installation, so you can start using it immediately after downloading it. The utility comes with a clean, easy-to-navigate interface that can consist of two or four tabs, depending on your work style and preferences. You can switch between the screens from the Layout menu. Also, you can switch to a black theme that is less tiring on your eyes, especially when working at night.

In addition to multiple panels, the program supports many other customization features that allow you to focus on your task at hand. For example, you can set the size of the columns and rows from the Proportions menu, as well as assign a main tab in the top or bottom area, right or left using the Change menu. Explorer Commander License Key is worth mentioning that users claim that the browser sometimes opens slowly in Windows 10, which means a second or two for each window. On the other hand, the tool allows you to configure an automatic launch and supports stealth mode. At the same time, the application allows you to open the same folder in several tabs using the Open and Actions menu.


Free download standalone offline installer for full version of Explorer Commander for Windows, it is a two or four panel file management software. It allows a fundamental part of Windows operating systems, specifically File Explorer, to function in a similar way to professional file management programs, while retaining the benefits of File Explorer. Explorer Commander is available for Windows 10 or higher. The current version of the software is and you can only get it in English. Multitasking with Windows File Explorer is quite annoying, especially when moving files between different drives or folders. A dual pane file manager makes this job much easier. But why stop at 2 when you can have quad panels with Explorer Commander? This reminds me of Q-Dir.

Explorer Commander’s interface is exactly the same as Windows Explorer’s, well, except for the menu bar at the top. Use the Layout menu to switch to portrait or landscape mode; these options use the dual pane view. Quad mode is the one offered by the 4 panel GUI. Since the program uses Explorer as its base, it can perform all file operations such as copying, moving, pasting files and folders, and using all available context menu options in a 4 or 2 panel view. Explorer Commander Activation Code can change the size of the interface using the Columns and Rows options in the Proportions menu. When enabled, they resize the panels according to the selected aspect ratio, for example, Columns 20/80 will make the right size panels larger and the left panel narrower, while 80/20 will make it smaller. reverse. Press the reset option to return to the default layout size. The program’s Swap menu is used to swap the position of one panel with another. Although they are numbered 1 through 4, they are not arranged in a clockwise direction. The panel at the top left is 1, the panel at the right is 2, and similarly those at the bottom are 3 and 4 respectively. While you can use the sidebar or address bar on each panel to switch folders, Explorer Commander allows you to jump to previously visited folders from the Upload menu.


  • Two or four panel arrangement
  • Horizontal or vertical arrangement in case of two panel mode
  • Panel display ratio can be set
  • The place of the panels can be interchanged.
  • Panel content can be opened in File Explorer
  • When started, it opens with the libraries that correspond to the last output or saved state
  • Supports dark / light theme in Windows 10
  • It can also be run in the background.
  • No installation required
  • Free to use
  • It is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 operating systems


Is there anything better than the file explorer?

Q-Dir is another Windows File Explorer alternative worth considering. The key feature of the app is the four panels, each of which supports tabbed browsing. … Q-Dir is also exceptionally light; it hardly uses system resources. If you have an older computer, this is a great option.

Is there a better file manager than Windows Explorer?

If you want to completely replace Windows File Explorer, Directory Opus is the perfect file manager. It is fully integrated into Windows and whenever you open File Explorer or a folder, it will open Directory Opus instead. You can also open the program from the context menu.

Can you replace File Explorer?

If you are looking for a Windows Explorer alternative that is more like the default Windows Explorer, then Explorer ++ is the way to go. Explorer ++ is a free, open source application that looks polished and offers all the features you would expect from Windows Explorer.


Explorer Commander Crack is a useful tool that is aimed at users who work with numerous files at the same time and prefer that sometime it be simple and straightforward to handle them efficiently.

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