Exponential Audio R2 v6.0.1 + Full Crack Version

Exponential Audio R2 v6.0.1 Crack introduces a lush and colorful stereo reverb algorithm to the familiar Exponential Audio design. Use the chorus and gate effects to color and shape your reverb signal to suit any music project. R2 is one of two debut plugins from the new Exponential Audio company (the other being Phoenix Verb). Company founder Michael Carnes is the DSP expert behind the Lexicon PCM Native Bundle and several other high-end Lexicon reverbs. So even though it seems to have appeared out of nowhere, this plugin should be taken very seriously. R2 is geared towards sound design and ‘effects’. The plugin comes in 32 and 64 bit versions and is compatible with AU / VST / RTAS / AAX hosts on Mac, but currently only comes in VST version on PC (with RTAS and AAX possibly in the future) When turning on R2 for the first time, the archaic-looking GUI is a bit of a surprise. Compared to similarly priced plugins, which generally have beautiful and visually stunning interfaces, this one is a bit clunky to say the least.

Having seen Exponential Audio’s’ 90s-style website, perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised. This minor inconvenience aside, R2 is sensibly designed and easy to understand; And of course, as long as the price tag is justified by the sound, that’s the main consideration. The left side of the interface houses a frequency width display with a superimposed output filter curve that displays the current filter settings. Below that are the main level controls for the early reflections and the reverb tail, and an output filter cutoff frequency control. There is also an Exponential Audio R2 v6.0.1 License Key filter cutoff frequency control, allowing you to apply filter curves to both the early reflections and the reverb tail, and dedicated gate and chorus functions. R2 allows you to add a low or high pass filter to the reverb output, with a choice of 6dB or 12dB / octave slope for each; it’s a shame that you can’t apply both filter types at the same time, eliminating the need to activate an EQ separately. At the center of the GUI is the main reverb mix control along with the essential PreDelay and Reverb Time knobs. So with the left and center sections, the most essential controls are at hand. If you want to dig a little deeper, the panel on the right is where the full tuning begins, its three tabs house a wide range of additional parameters. Particularly noteworthy is the Rvb Attack section’s Reverb Type slider, which allows for quick changes between Plate, Chamber, and Hall reverb types without a complete preset change. Additionally, the Rvb Tail section features a width control that can be used to reduce the stereo field or increase it to super wide proportions.

By placing R2 in a mix, it becomes apparent that R2 is heavily molded in the Lexicon mold, evoking rich, dark reverbs. Given this genesis, it’s no wonder that many of the presets deliver sounds predictably similar to Lexicon – large rooms and cameras abound, but at a lower price and without the multiple plug-in hassles of the Lexicon PCM Native package. . R2 uses a keyword-based preset system: you start by choosing a keyword like ‘big’, ‘small plate’ or ‘battery’, which loads all presets related to that word. However, if you prefer, you can skip the keywords and just view all the available presets in a long list. Assigning keywords to your own presets is also child’s play. The Compare button lets you A / B compare any edits you’ve made to the original settings of the current preset, while the handy reload feature remembers the original preset, just in case you find that you’ve drifted in the wrong direction with your changes. . Exponential Audio R2 v6.0.1 Serial Key is a well thought out reverb. Along with the robust presets, all the crucial controls are at your fingertips and detailed settings are available should you want to be more involved. Its colorful nature and features make it ideal for sound design applications, and it’s the best Lexicon-style reverb we’ve come across so far, easily in the same league as Lexicon’s own products (unsurprisingly). Ultimately this is an excellent reverb, driven by its own distinctive algorithm with its own particular strengths, but no real weaknesses. So, a sweeping debut for the new Meat brand.


Free download Exponential Audio R2 full version offline standalone installer for Windows, enjoy lush, character-filled reverbs. R2 introduces a lush and colorful stereo reverb algorithm to the familiar Exponential Audio design. Use the chorus and gate effects to color and shape your reverb signal to suit any music project. From rotating orchestral chambers to minimal reflections in clean rooms, R2 is your ideal complement for designing completely unique music spaces. It’s a rich musical reverb algorithm that introduces more movement to the reverb tail, producing expressive and unique reflections such as chorus guitar textures, dark rooms, vibrant vocal rooms, and more.

Exponential Audio R2 is a reverb plug-in that adds rich character to your mixes. The plugin has been designed with ease of use as the primary concern. The most important parameters are always available and a more complete set of controls is available with just one click. The presets are organized with application-specific keywords, and the user can easily create new presets and keywords to tailor R2 to the needs of any particular installation. Exponential Audio R2 3.0 Activation Key can be downloaded from our website for free. Exponential Audio R2 was developed to run on Windows 7 or Windows 10 and is compatible with 64-bit systems. Exponential Audio R2 is found within Multimedia Tools, more precisely Music Production. Our antivirus scan shows that this download is virus-free. This software was originally designed by Exponential Audio LLC. The most popular version of Exponential Audio R2 3.0.


  • Lush stereo reverb algorithm
  • Easy-to-use modulation effects in the Chorus module
  • Use Gate to bypass reverb and create space in a mix
  • Dimension and frequency setting controls for each stage of the reverb signal
  • Global high pass and low pass filters
  • Independent output controls for attack, early reflexes and tail
  • Clear and informative frequency display and a responsive user interface
  • Over 1200 presets (rooms, dishes, hallways, cameras, and more)


What is PhoenixVerb?

“PhoenixVerb is an easy-to-use reverb plug-in for realistic natural reverbs that are as pure as possible.” Logic Pro Expert. The number one website for Apple Logic Pro users, offering free tips, tricks, and news.

What is the Nimbus plugin?

NIMBUS elevates the signature exponential audio reverb engine with surgical controls and timbre effects. Classic, authentic tone is combined with advanced filter mechanics, compression, saturation, tempo sync, and warp effects, so you’re sure to have the perfect reverb for your music.


A very solid option for anyone looking for a highly adjustable, classic-sounding reverb plug-in, with the only downside being its price. Exponential Audio R2 v6.0.1 Key is very much in the Lexicon mold, evoking rich, dark reverbs R2’s colorful nature and functions make it ideal for sound design applications.

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