FileChimp for Microsoft Outlook 3.0.0 Crack With License Key Full Download [Latest]

FileChimp Full Crack is a small utility that enables you to automate this process by allowing you to create a set of rules applicable to all types of projects and clients.Considering that this is an add-in for Outlook, it goes without saying that you need to have the Microsoft email client installed on your computer. The installation is a straightforward process, although it may appear to be a little sluggish if your computer is low on resources, and you can access the utility from Outlook’s toolbar.

The idea behind the tool is to help you share emails across the network or file them into the system folder or cloud, depending on the services you are currently using. Before you can get to FileChimp for Microsoft Outlook Activation Key convenient arrangement, first you need to take the time and create the rules the add-in should follow.As you probably hinted, the rules entail defining the criteria of how to match files to folders and they can be anything from simple email addresses and tags to domain names or an alphanumeric string.

You will be happy to learn that the  FileChimp for Microsoft Outlook Full Crack allows you batch file emails, an option that can save you a lot of time and energy when managing messages from dozens of customers at the same time. Once the operation is completed successfully, you can view the emails filed marked with an orange tick in Outlook.On a side note, the utility saves the emails to an MSG file format, a format that is specific for Microsoft Outlook. You can use Windows Explorer or any version of Outlook to preview the content.


File emails from FileChimp for Microsoft Outlook Crack Free Download into project or client folders automatically. Match email addresses, project numbers, client names or references to a folder name located anywhere on your network. Watch as the bulk of your emails are automatically filed (ZERO clicks!) and finish the task with manual filing for emails that do not fall within the scope of a project or client folder. Organize filed emails into relevant sub-folders within your mailbox and auto purge dated email over time. Supports Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016

In case your line of work entails working with multiple clients at the same time and exchanging numerous emails for various projects, then there is a chance that you take the time to create new rules for file transfers and messages in Outlook whenever you add a new customer.


  • File emails into network folders and Outlook subfolders
  • File emails from Outlook folders automatically
  • Backup & Archive Emails and Documents into project folders
  • Automatic and selective 1 click email filing for Outlook
  • Autosave emails based on email addresses, domain names,
  • project numbers, user tags or user input in the subject line
  • File emails by conversation thread automatically
  • No new rules or folders to find each time a new client is added
  • Powerful Outlook plugin for single emails or bulk filing
  • FileChimp can save sent or received email messages
  • No need to manually file emails when you send them
  • Automatically save email attachments to a folder
  • File email from Public Folders and shared mailboxes
  • Works with O365, MS Exchange & GSuite accounts using Outlook
  • Compatible with Outlook 2010, 2013 2016 & 2019
  • Save email to PDF, MSG, DOC, HTML, RTF , EML, TXT


What is FileChimp and what does it do?

FileChimp consists of an Outlook Addin and a taskbar application.
FileChimp can be used to reduce mailbox sizes, enable users to share emails by filing them into relevant project or client folders and to accurately automate the bulk of email filing. Manual and automated options are available. FileChimp is easy to deploy using common configurations across the office.

Where can I file my emails?

You can file emails into any network or system folder that can be seen in windows explorer. This includes filing emails to flash drives or cloud storage folders such as Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, SharePoint and many others. You can also file emails into other Outlook folders or sub folders.

What format are the emails filed in?

By default, emails are saved in the “.msg” file format which is native to Microsoft Outlook. These emails can be previewed in Windows Explorer (Windows 7 onward), using any version of Microsoft Outlook, or any compatible viewer. FileChimp Pro users can save emails to PDF, MSG, DOC, HTML, EML, RTF and TXT formats.
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How many rules do I need to create?

  • FileChimp rules are based on criteria. Typically one rule is created to define how you want to match files to folders.
  • Basic rules match information such as email addresses, tags, [what is found between brackets] or domain names. Read more here
  • Advanced rules can monitor file names for project numbers or alphanumeric strings and then match files ie. if it finds a file called ‘1200 Grand Square’ it can file into the a network folder called ‘T:1200Emails’ or ‘T:Documents1200 Grand Square’.

How many emails can I file at a time?

You can batch file emails in one go by selecting the emails in Outlook using the Ctrl key or the Shift key before selecting the “File to Folder” icon on the FileChimp ribbon menu.

Do Duplicate emails get filed?

No. Duplicates are avoided where the same file name template is in use. If you work in an office and have multiple users filing emails with FileChimp only 1 copy of each email will be stored.

How do I know which emails have already been filed?

Each email in Outlook is marked with an orange tick (or FileChimp Category mark) once it has been successfully filed into the file system.


All in all, FileChimp Full Crack Version can be a handy tool for an accountant, lawyer, architect or other professional who usually receives numerous emails with attachments from their clients and they want to make sure they can find the documents quickly whenever necessary.

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