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An easy-to-use help authoring tool that allows you to create, attach, and customize your projects, as well as export them as CHM, PDF, RTF, or HTML. Helpinator Crack is a reliable and powerful tool that allows you to create, modify and compile help files, compatible with a large number of programs. The application is easy to use and offers you a wide range of tools to edit text, embed images or associate URLs. Also, you can save the results in multiple formats. Helpinator Crack is a useful application, especially when it comes to quickly creating a help file for a development program. Its entire interface is divided so that you can access the tree structure on the left side, as well as simplify or add it with useful tools. The main area, on the right, is where you can make your desired changes. Helpinator Patch is a what you see is what you get editor that allows you to work with many graphic elements. It has several built-in templates that you can customize to suit your requirements, however you can easily create a new one with the help of the HTML template generator. The screenshot tool and tutorial creator are designed to help you insert full content into your help file.

Helpinator Serial Key allows you to create specific help files for a large number of programs and allows you to compile each one in various formats. The program supports the creation of general help files, in CHM format, as well as for specific applications: QtHelp, Major Mind, Java, Oracle or HelpGUI. Additionally, you can save your project in various formats, such as PDF, RTF, web help, EPUB, or MOBI. Alternatively, you can instantly publish it to WordPress. Certain types of help files must be created in specific templates, for example Major Mind, Oracle, or HelpGUI. The wizard also allows you to print the new project directly from its interface. Additionally, you can save your work in progress to a .HPZ file, which you can import anytime you want to make changes. The program can remember the most recently opened documents and allows you to continue your work without registering the entire project each time. Helpinator Serial Keyis a versatile technical writing and user manual creation tool that enables you to generate user manuals and online documentation for all types of applications: desktop, web and mobile. You can even write and publish your own technical books on Helpinator Serial Key.

If you are still using CHM files for your desktop applications and have compatibility issues, you can use one of the context-sensitive help systems created by Major Mind Software as a replacement for CHM. The first one called MajorMindHelp, is based on HTML, and in addition to its own help format, you can use SimpleDocServer as a source of context-sensitive help content, or a WordPress website published from Helpinator Activation Key or even a knowledge base. The other is LiteHelp, it is a pure offline HTML free help system, which is lightweight and portable. You can use both help systems for free on any number of user PCs if you have a Helpinator Activation Key license. Major Mind Software also provides SimpleDocServer (a separate product), a markdown-based web server for internal online documentation. You can easily generate SimpleDocServer content with Helpinator License Key. Helpinator License Key allows you to generate html user manuals in the form of a knowledge base. With the help of step-by-step guides, you can create a comprehensive online employee manual for your company’s human resources department.


Helpinator Crack Free Download 3 Professional, the full version offline standalone installer for Windows, is used to easily create documentation in various formats. The main goal of this program is to make aid creation more productive. Eliminate the double work you have to do with common help authoring tools and simplify complex tasks. You can compile professional-looking help files in 4 different formats, in multiple languages, and for multiple editions of your product, all from a single source. Helpinator Crack Free Download is a help authoring application that only allows ten topics per project. This authoring tool is suitable for small help documents. This help editor allows you to add, edit and delete topic content and also allows you to add new keywords for each one. It offers a good editing tool to create help documents with excellent quality. Its GUI is easy to use and it doesn’t take a lot of time to create a help document; furthermore, the program itself automatically indexes all content. This authoring tool is multilanguage and it is possible to use different languages ​​at the same time even on the same topic. Supports CHM, PDF, RTF and HTML output file formats; allows the compilation of any of these output formats individually or all at once. It supports images and flash files that enhance your help projects.

Helpinator Crack Download is a program with which you can easily create help files. Download Helpinator Crack to your computer to create help files for your developments. Creating help files is something that many programmers spend a lot of time working on. In order to make this entire process much faster, you can always resort to using a program like Helpinator Keygen. Helpinator Crack Download is designed in such a way that it will be very easy to create help files for each of the functions of the program or game for which the files are written. Besides these functions, Helpinator Crack Download has another important factor that makes it a really interesting Program , because it allows us to save the help files that have been created in multiple formats, be it CHM, PDF, RTF or HTML (to use them on a web). Therefore, if you want to have a program that allows you to create help files easily and clearly, download Helpinator Keygen now.


  • Create CHM help files, use instructions and documentation in PDF format, web help and diversity text format (MS Word compatible) from a single source.
  • WYSIWYG Editor has all the necessary word processing tools: fonts, paragraph formats, images, tables, and anchors.
  • Integrate the description of the correct description check when you enter.
  • You can easily create localized copies of your document. Helpinator can store all languages ​​in one project file. The input / export function is to interact with translation tools and services.
  • The built-in screenshot tool allows you to take screenshots of the active windows and store them in the project’s image library, then insert the image into the theme.
  • The image editor contains an image editor that allows you to add your comment and comment to the screenshot.
  • The Helpinator project file format is basically a ZIP file, so you can extract your text at any time even without the Helpinator.
  • Conditional text allows you to change the content of the help topics at that time. compiler.
  • Helpinator has several pre-installed models for CHM / Web and PDF / RTF support.
  • Line utility for mass processing.
  • You can input existing documents in CHM, DOC, RTF, and HTML formats.


What types of users and types of organizations does Helpinator work with?

Helpinator works with these users and types of organizations: midsize businesses, small businesses, businesses, freelancers, non-profit organizations, and government.

What languages ​​does Helpinator support in your product?

Helpinator supports these languages: English.

What types of support options does Helpinator offer?

Helpinator offers online support.

What other apps or services does Helpinator integrate with?

Helpinator integrates with: Amazon, DokuWiki, GitHub, WordPress, and Zendesk.


Helpinator Professional Crack is a powerful and reliable tool that allows you to create, modify and compile help files, compatible with a wide range of programs. This application is easy to use and provides you with multiple tools to edit text, embed images or link the URL. Also, you can save the results in multiple formats.

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