IsMyHdOK_x64 Crack With Licence Key Free Download

IsMyHdOK_x64 Crack allows you to choose the target volume from a dedicated menu. It supports HDD and SSD drives, but also USB sticks or SD memory cards, so you can work with whatever you need. IsMyHdOK_x64 Crack offers four different test durations, specifically ‘Short Test’ (of fifteen seconds), ‘Quick Test’ (around 30 seconds), ‘Long Test’ (approximately 60 seconds) and ‘Very Long Test’ (of up to four minutes ).

The operations consist of reading and writing data continuously, in blocks of data of 4 or 512 kb, as well as executing in parallel 64 blocks of 4 kb. The “access time” refers to the amount of time IsMyHdOK_x64 Crack elapses between each read / write action, which is measured in milliseconds.

IsMyHdOK_x64 Crack With Licence Key Free Download

Upon completion, the results are displayed in two tables, for “read” and “write” values; At the bottom of the window, you can see the “Comparisons” estimates. Thanks to the “Screenshot to file” function, IsMyHdOK_x64 Crack With Licence Key Free Download can save an image of the results to your computer, in PNG format.

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After the download process, you can simply unzip the file and run the EXE file, as the application does not require an installation process to work. As a consequence, you can even store ByteScout PDF Multitool Business _x64 Download 2019 on a USB stick or other portable memory drives and take it with you wherever you go, using it on all compatible computers, leaving no trace when you’re done.ByteScout PDF Multitool Business Download 2019 is lightweight and very simple software built to serve benchmarking operations, allowing you to test the read and write speed of any volume on your system.


  • Very small program
  • Suitable for SSD and HD and other drives
  • Reference unit performance
  • Arbitrary test times


Is MyHdOKMeasure only single read / write speeds on the SSD?

Sometimes you just want to measure individual write / read speeds on SSD, USB sticks or SD card with this tool, it is possible under MS Windows 1. Start

IsMyHdOK Why IsMyHdOK there are similar programs?

The answer to this question is quite simple, but you can also call FORD and ask why they produce cars if there is Chrysler. But joke aside, there is

IsMyHdOKHow to calculate IsMyHdOK, SSDs or HDD benchmark points?

It was a difficult decision for me to define the benchmark point values ​​for IsMyHdOK for Windows 11, 10, etc. and MS Server OS. But here is the answer: –

IsMyHdOKFor which four different durations of Benschmarks?

You do not want to wait too long for the test results to see if your HDD works properly on MS Windows and Server OS AND: Too many tests can reduce longevity

IsMyHdOKWhat are the individual test values ​​or measurements for hard drives?

Here is the brief explanation for each test and benchmark values ​​in IsMyHdOK on Windows 11, 10, etc. and MS Server OS Sequentiall: Write and read linearly


In conclusion, MKVToolnix Final 63.0 Crack is a useful and efficient program that can help you successfully measure the performance level of your computer partitions, allowing you to determine the reading and writing speed of disks through various tests.

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