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O&O FileBackup Serial Key detects new and changed files. There’s no longer any need to search manually for photos, videos, and other documents in order to back them up. This can all be done automatically. O&O FileBackup can be used immediately. On every Windows PC. Without installation and without equipment. Start, select, save. Finished.To avoid searching for new or changed files, O&O FileBackup automatically detects such files for you and proposes them for backup. This is especially helpful when importing photos and videos as it immediately creates another copy of this valuable data.

 O&O FileBackup License Key automatically detects important files and suggests them for backup. After photos, videos, music, and office documents are selected, all files and their corresponding file extensions will be found and backed up. The selection can be customized to include more files in the backup.Folders and entire partitions can be selected without any problem. And to make sure only the really important files are backed up, system and program files are automatically excluded. This saves time and storage space!O&O FileBackup is the simplest and most convenient way to back up your data. Use the automatic detection of important files for backup or select the directories containing important data yourself. Once set up, all you need to do in the future is to start the backup and automatically add all new and changed files to existing backups.

 O&O FileBackup Keygen  enables you to backup your data quickly and easily. Choose the directories you want to back up yourself. Or let O&O FileBackup automatically search for important data. It also gives you the option of backing up just photos, videos, music, and Office documents, so you have a copy of your digital treasures – because no hard drive and no SSD lasts forever!Using O&O FileBackup is extremely easy: you are guided step by step through the backup process. And the integrated assistant also helps you with the restoration of your backups.Try out O&O FileBackup yourself! With the free 30-day trial, you can use all the features and decide in peace.


Everybody needs some form of backup, and relying on Windows ’own tools isn’t always the best option. Third-party backup software is a dime a dozen, and O&O already offers a comprehensive tool in the form of its O&O FileBackup Crack Free Download software for those who want a set-it-and-forget-it solution.O&O FileBackup differs from this comprehensive solution in just a couple of ways: one, it’s portable, no installation required (just make sure you do not lose the configuration file created on startup, which resides in the same directory by default). And two, you do not need to link it to a specific external device for triggering backups; instead, you can backup on demand to any visible location or create schedules.

After downloading, launching the app, select your target backup folder – either choose a drive from the list or browse for a specific folder or network location (you may need to map this as a drive letter first). Next, click Backup followed by + to select your first folder or to instruct the program to automatically scan specific user folders for document files and / or media files (click Settings> Filter to see what files are included, plus add your own). You can also include all files and select your own folders to add to the list too.You’ll then see a list of folders and their contents, updated as they’re scanned, with options for tweaking each folder selection. Click Next, review your choices and then click ‘Start backup’. Files are then transferred as exact copies (with original folder paths retained).Once complete, you’re returned to the main menu. You might think that’s it, but now you can update your backup manually, restore data easily and also create a schedule (via Settings> Scheduling tab) to update your backup in the background at regular intervals.There’s nothing truly earth-shattering with O&O FileBackup Latest Version Free Download, but it does its job well and its tiny footprint (just 4MB) is equally impressive. It’s fast, responsive and reasonably simple to use, plus its portable nature means you can use it anywhere. Well worth a test drive.


  • Assistant-guided backup and restoration of data
  • Manual selection of the target directories
  • Automatic selection of directories and file types to be backed up
  • Full and automatic backup of all selected files
  • Automatic detection of new and changed files
  • Definition of file filters for backup
  • Detailed logging of the backup and restore
  • Exclusion lists, for example to exclude system directories and files
  • Option to define minimum and maximum file size for the backup
  • Scheduling for automatic backups at defined times


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Once you have a license for O&O FileBackup, download the test version. You’ll then be able to enter your license code to convert your test version into a full one.

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According to the product license agreement, you must purchase one license of the software for each computer you are using it on.


O&O FileBackup Crackis a smart tool that lets you back up your files manually, and automatically as well. The intuitive interface and well-explained features make this app suitable for users that have never dealt with data backup before.

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