QTranslate 6.9.0 Crack With Product Key Free Download 2022

With QTranslate full Crack, you can convert chunks of text to any of your desired languages ​​or directly translate specific words. It works seamlessly across your system — whether you are in a Word document, web browser, or any other application where text selection is viable. It supports virtual keyboards, enabling you to effortlessly type in characters that your default keyboard does not offer.

Moreover, easy hotkey combinations can trigger instant language transcription. For instance, pressing ‘Ctrl + Q’ will show the translation in the popup window, while hitting ‘Double Ctrl’ will display it on the main window. It can also interpret through speech and image text recognition, thanks to the OCR API provided by OCR.SPACE. Handy features like spelling check, word suggestion, and translation history can be enjoyed within the app.

Whenever you highlight a text, three you can see three modes. First, the QTranslate full Version icon appears right beside your cursor. The second is the popup window that contains the translated format of the words or phrases you selected. Lastly, it’s still translation, but this time the tabbed texts are read out loud. You can quickly do this by pressing Ctrl + E. Meanwhile, the Ctrl + Shift + Q keys will perform a dictionary search.


Translation tools have become a daily part of a lot of individual’s routines. The popular way to translate stuff is by opening a browser a using an online service. If you are not sporting a high-end PC and would rather save up some RAM, you can try a standalone app. Portable QTranslate free Downloads is a compact translator that uses its own UI to accomplish tasks. Though it may look like an offline program, you won’t be able to use it without an internet connection.

The reason the application cannot run in offline mode comes from the translations services. Google, Microsoft, Yandex, DeepDL, Baidu are examples of translation services behind those popular online tools. Portable QTranslate uses these specific services and a handful more, as engines for whatever you translate.


  • Text translation in any application that supports text selection
  • Speech recognition
  • Image text recognition (OCR API provided by OCR.SPACE)
  • Text to speech synthesis
  • Search in online dictionaries
  • Search in offline XDXF dictionaries
  • Spell checking
  • Word suggestion/autocomplete
  • History of translations
  • Virtual keyboard


How does qTranslate work?

The qTranslate plugin works completely different than WPML. Instead of having different languages ​​in different posts, qTranslate places all languages ​​in the same post. It does this by changing posts from, for example, Hello World to [: en] Hello World [: de] Hallo Welt [:].

How do you use qTranslate?

QTranslate is a free translator for Windows. With this small utility, you simply select the text you want to translate and then press the hot key (Ctrl + Q to show translation in the popup window or Double Ctrl click to show the translation in the main window).

Is qTranslate safe?

qTranslate: Safety Recommendations

We have rated qTranslate as Good (current version safe) which means that we have found vulnerabilities in older versions. We recommend that you only use the latest version of qTranslate.

How do you set up qTranslate?

Find out how to set up a language selector.
Set up qTranslate. Go to Settings -> Languages ​​and choose tab Languages. …
Set up multilingual menu. Go to Appearance -> Menus. …
Multilangual Content (posts, pages etc.) Go to Posts and click on post you want to translate.
Multilangual Widgets. …
Language Switcher.

Is Polylang plugin free?

With over 500,000 installs, Polylang is the most popular multilingual plugin available on the WordPress repository. You can take profit of all its cool features for free. If you need more advanced features or Premium support, you might prefer buying Polylang Pro instead.


If you think that I try to say here “WPML, the WPML only, nothing but the WPML” – QTranslate full Crack are wrong. But do not fully relay information (reviews, opinions, download counting) in the internet there is may be incorrect or old information. The veracity of each information could be affected by different factors.

My personal suggestion: the best way to test these plugins by yourself. If you have installed one of them (or absolutely other language plugin), then you can install temporary (second) WordPress on subdomain like test.yourdomain.com then installed other plugin there. For this case you have 1 month for WPML (they can reimburse your money if you will not like it). And you can start to compare them – give to plugins “same task”. I mean create what you want in different languages ​​and see how it work with different plugins, add comments, work with widgets, install other plugin see is there conflicts, change theme etc etc. Do not hurry – test several plugins and choose one of them. May be you not believe me – this your discover can takes only one or couple days! This is very easy if you can quickly install couple WP for example your hosting provider has cPanel + automatic installation of WordPress. After you have done your experiments – just kill your second WordPress. May be it seems complicated in compared with reading reviews of other people or look at downloading count 😉 But by this method you can save your nerves!

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