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ANTS Memory Profiler full Crack makes .NET memory profiling simple. Use ANTS Memory Profiler to locate memory leaks, optimize applications with high memory usage, and check the health of your code during the development cycle and before release. ANTS Memory Profiler can profile any .NET application including ASP.NET web applications. It is available as a standalone tool and as part of the Red Gate .NET Developer Bundle.ANTS Memory Profiler presents memory profile results in a clear way.Automatic memory management in .NET makes development a lot easier; however, it’s still easy to introduce memory leaks into your application. For example, in a complex application, it’s easy to forget to unregister event handlers, and these are notorious for holding on to objects which you don’t need to keep in memory any more. This typically leads to an increase in …

We start off by asking ANTS Memory Profiler Serial key to ‘Monitor disposal of objects’ which will tell us if objects still remain in memory after we call the Dispose method on them. First thing we notice when we ‘Start Profiling’ is that ANTS Memory Profiler gives you a timeline (based on Performance counters selected) of the Bytes in heap (right up the top) so you can monitor heavy usage over time.This is also where we ask ANTS Memory Profiler to a ‘Take Memory Snapshot’. Generally, it’s best to take an initial snapshot as soon as the application launches to give you a baseline to begin with, and then take others where you want to ensure that the application is correctly cleaning itself up. For our application, after loading ‘Take Memory Snapshot’, open a few documents and take another, close them and take another.

Whilst you were taking your Memory snapshots, ANTS Memory Profiler License key was busily working out various metrics and trying to find-out about the state of objects. After consolidating all the data it will present you with a summary allowing you to drill through to find the causes of any leaks. This is where ANTS Memory Profiler really shines. Not only does it show you numbers, but as we will see, it will also present this data in a usable visual fashion.


Free Download Red Gate ANTS Memory Profiler full version standalone offline installer for Windows. It allows you to discover reminiscence leaks and optimize reminiscence utilization on your .NET utility.Red Gate ANTS Memory permits you to find memory leaks and optimize reminiscence utilization in your .NET software. Automatic reminiscence management in .NET makes improvement tons easier, however, it’s still easy to introduce memory leaks into your application.

You can use the example retention graph to speedy see why your leaking gadgets are nevertheless being held in memory. You mustn’t build a mental map to preserve songs of how objects reference each other.Moreover, its effective filtering options assist you to reduce the noise, allowing you to quickly get to the foundation of even the maximum complex issues.


  • Find memory leaks within minutes.
  • Optimize the memory usage of your C# and VB.NET code.
  • Profile your code’s use of unmanaged memory.
  • Create better performing, less resource-intensive applications.


What is ANTS memory Profiler?

ANTS Memory Profiler is the leading memory profiling tool, which helps identify the root cause of complex memory problems, optimize applications memory usage, and track down memory leaks.

How do I use Ant profiler?

  • Setting up ANTS Performance Profiler
  • In the ANTS Performance Profiler start screen, select New profiling session then open the Web dev. Server – ASP.NET tab.
  • In ASP.NET web application (path), browse to the NerdDinner folder.
  • Choose the required profiling mode. …
  • Click.
  • The default browser launches and loads NerdDinner.

What is memory profiling?

Memory profiling enables you to understand the memory allocation and garbage collection behavior of your applications over time. … It helps you identify method calls in the context within which most memory was allocated and combine this information with the number of allocated objects.

What is unmanaged memory in dotMemory?

Unmanaged memory: memory allocated outside of the managed heap and not managed by Garbage Collector. Generally, this is the memory required by. NET CLR, dynamic libraries, graphics buffer (especially large for WPF apps that intensively use graphics), and so on. This part of memory cannot be analyzed in the profiler.


This article was written to provide a foundation for future articles. In my next article, I will walk through the ANTS memory profiler.

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