Registry Finder 2.51 Crack 2021

Registry Finder full CRACK is an improved replacement for the built-in Windows registry editor. It has many features That Makes Working with registry more productive, comfortable and safe.Registry Finder is an innovative little utility program designed, surprisingly enough, to help you find stuff in the registry.But it does more. Registry Finder is also a straightforward and simple registry editor. It has all the same functionalities of the basic system RegEdit but has a lot more up its sleeve. As well as being able to browse the local registry, you can also create and delete values, and also rename keys. It’s also possible to modify values such as string, multi-string, DWORD etc.You can also open multiple registry windows that will reopen on the same registry keys as when you closed it, which is good in the event of a reboot or crash.

The Find operation is efficient and quick. All found items are displayed in a separate window as a list. Each line Represents a single match With the search criteria. The icon shows Where the match occurred: key name, value name or value data. Matched text is highlighted with red.You can jump to any item found in the Registry Finder License key window or edit / delete items right in the Find Results window.Items in the Find Results window can be saved to file in .txt format or .reg. In case Latter, items are separated by tabulator. It Allows easy importing and analyzing data in other programs, Microsoft Excel: such as.

With the Replace feature Registry Finder Keygen key can Easily replace all occurrences of one individual or another string With. The replacement is performed only in items That are in the Find Results window. In the Replace dialog you specify all items or just Either selected ones. After replacement is done, items in the window are updated. If some item do not match the search criteria any more it still remains in the list.All operations alter the registry Including That deletion can be undone and replacement and redone. The operations are listed in the History window. To open it, click View | History in the main menu. The last performed operation is marked with a yellow arrow.Full name of the key can be copied to clipboard.


Registry Finder free Dwnloads can be used without installation. Just download archive with binaries, unpack it into any folder on HDD or USB drive and start the executable. The utility does not store any of its data in the registry. It stores settings in the RegistryFinder.config file located in the same folder as the executable.

Another option is to download and run the installer. It contains both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of binaries, so you do not need to choose. The installer can deploy Registry Finder either in Normal mode or in Portable mode. The later just unpacks binaries into the folder you specify. The Normal mode performs standard things – unpack binaries, create shortcut in the Start Menu, create a desktop icon and make uninstallation entry in the Control Panel. One little difference is that in Normal mode the config file is stored in another place. Specifically, in the %APPDATA%\RegistryFinder folder.


  • Cut/Copy/Paste keys and/or values.
  • Undo and redo registry modifications (except changing permissions).
  • Multiple local and remote registry windows.
  • Fast, non blocking search.
  • Whole search results are displayed in a list.
  • Multiple search results window.


How long is someone’s registry information available? shows results for event dates that are six months old or newer.

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Registry Crack Finder is a nifty software to search and edit Windows Registry. It lets you search and navigate the complex Windows Registry structure easily, thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface. And features like direct registry key editing, ability to save configuration changes, undo/redo etc. make it even better. Do give it a try, you’ll love it.

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