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Virtual Buss Compressors is a suite of three unique-sounding dynamic processors that are modeled from some of the most classic mix buss compressors in the audio industry. Careful attention was paid to recreating the unique nonlinearities of the circuit paths that give each compressor Slate Digital VMR Complete Bundle full Crack distinct tone – including their transformers, tubes, VCA’s, amplifiers, phase distortions, harmonic distortions and timing. VBC is perfect for adding a professional final touch to your mixes.

Slate Digital Virtual Buss License key Compressors give you three amazing-sounding, analog-modeled dynamics processors that are perfect for bus compression. Slate’s wizardry is all over these excellent plug-ins; they’ve precisely modeled every nuance of classic analog compressors, right down to the nonlinear characteristics of their transformers, tubes, VCAs, harmonic and phase distortions, and amplifiers. You get FG-GREY, an impeccable model of the classic British console compressor; FG-RED (ask mix legend Chris Lord-Alge about this one); and FG-MU has the soul of the immortal Fairchild 670. You need Slate Digital’s Virtual Buss Compressors.

We are a New York-based nonprofit organization focused on audio production for all varieties of musicians and musical genres with the digital reach to help musicians around the world. Truly uniting the world through music.Through the investment of the community, we are able to subsidize production costs to make high-quality recording accessible to all.


  • Detailled emulations of three analogue mastering compressors
  • FG-Grey is a well-known bus compressor from a British mixer, enhanced with a transformer simulation that subtly stabilises the sound
  • Gives mixes and group signals more cohesion, the so-called ‘glue’
  • FG-Red simulates a legendary compressor of British production, whose sound secret is the subtle overdriving of the output transformer
  • FG-MU simulates a Vari-MU compressor such as the Fairchild 670 or Manley VariMU with tube circuitry and all the sound effects associated with this technique, such as shimmering highs, larger mids and firmer bass


  • This compressor is based on the classic RED-faced compressor that has been a favorite of mix legend Chris Lord Alge, who first showed it to me when I visited his studio years ago.
  • I thought it was odd actually: here was this compressor that nobody else seemed to really use, and it was on a setting at 1.5:1 and the attack looked very fast for a Mix-Buss compressor.
  • This was puzzling because I usually associated a faster attack with a loss of transient punch, but if you’ve heard Chris’s mixes you know that they are the exact opposite of that! So being the classic gearslut, I bought one, (I got the unit with both input and output transformers).
  • The first thing I did was put it on my mix in the settings that Chris showed me… 1.5:1, attack around 10/11 o’clock, auto release, compressing just 2-3db tops. And…. WOW! One of the clearest, punchiest sounding rock mixes I’d ever heard come out of my own speakers.
  • This unit was amazing!!!When Fabrice and I analyzed the RED, we found out that it was indeed a very unique beast.
  • The attack and auto-release work in an interesting way and are very musical, but the real magic we found was in the output section! We found that just pushing the makeup gain a few db did some insane things to the sound! A little push and things got a ton more punchy, fat, and aggressive.
  • After more examination, we realized that this was due to a series of nonlinear reactions caused by the output transformer.
  • Howie Weinberg, the famous mastering engineer who has a studio on our campus, let us in on a little secret: He uses his RED not for compression, but just to use the output gain to get that amazing effect! So I decided to do something that the original unit cannot…I put that output transformer effect on a knob called DRIVE. When you push the DRIVE knob, you get a beautiful punch and articulation of the transients, and you can control just how much you want, regardless of whether or not you use the makeup gain! Famous rock mixer Justin Netbank beta tested the FG-RED and loves the drive, suggesting ‘6.6’ as the magic number. But you can try cranking it all the way for an interesting effect!


What is FG GREY modeled after?

FG-Grey. The FG-Grey plug-in is modelled on the SSL 4000 G-Series Buss Compressor that is, arguably, the mother of modern mix-bus compression. … FG-Grey is an emulation of the famous SSL 4000 G-Series Buss Compressor — with some added ingredients.

Does slate have a multiband compressor?

Multipass allows you to create your own customized multiband processors using all of the 28 Kilohearts plugins. … Want a multiband processor with saturation and compression on the lows, transient enhancement on the mids, stereo widening on the upper mids, and sustain enhancement on the highs, all at once? No problem!

What is a virtual buss compressor?

Virtual Buss Compressors is a suite of three unique-sounding dynamic processors that are modeled from some of the most classic mix buss compressors in the audio industry.

Is Infinity EQ dynamic?

Where Infinity EQ distinguishes itself in its analog-modelled curves—built on a legacy of popular EQ emulations, the Infinity captures the frequency and phase response of analog gear. … Though the EQ won’t release with dynamic options, Slate has promised to include them in future updates to the plug-in.


The Virtual Buss Compressors bundle may not be as radically new as some of Slate Digital’s previous offerings, but Slate Digital VMR Complete Bundle crack rare to find so much sonic detail and realism in a native plug-in. Even though Slate have taken some liberties, the emulation quality is exceptional: these plug-ins sound and feel like working with analogue equipment, and the included Focusrite Red 3 emulation is a rarity in the plug-in world.

What are the down sides? With their carefully modelled non-linearities, which cannot be turned off, the VBC plug-ins may not be ideally suited to ultra-clean processing such as is required in some mastering applications, as they will always impart a certain flavour. On the practical side, you need a second-generation iLok key even to demo VBC, although at the time of writing, the VBC bundle comes with a free iLok, and at £169 it is attractively priced — you can spend as much on just one plug-in of similar quality from a competitor, such as the above-mentioned UAD SSL G-Buss. Three tubes of sonic glue for the price of one is a bargain, without any doubt. The only question is whether your tracks need that much adhesion!  

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