Softube Summit Audio TLA-100A v2.5.10 With Crack

Swedish developer Softube Summit Audio Crack has established itself as a hardware emulator class act with its TubeTech range of compressors and EQs, developed in partnership with TubeTech themselves. Now the company has partnered with Summit Audio to ‘virtualize’ the classic TLA-100A tube-leveling amp, and instead of just making a direct model of the original, it has added some welcome extra controls. In theory, this should be even better than the real thing! “Hold the TLA to one voice and you will immediately hear an increase in presence, it’s like listening through a magnifying glass.” The original Summit TLA-100A compressor hardware unit is a reference dynamics controller for vocals and acoustic instruments, and can be found in most top-tier studios around the world. The name ‘Leveling Amplifier’ actually serves as a much more appropriate description than ‘compressor’, since the idea is that it controls the level of a voice, say, without you even knowing what it is doing. The popularity of TLA is due to its sublime leveling, smooth operation and unmatched ease of use, all of which are very evident in the software version as well. Summit Audio’s ‘set and forget’ catchphrase is more than just marketing nonsense – just set the peak reduction knob to your desired amount of compression and it pretty much takes care of itself.

Being a tube-leveling amplifier, the TLA has a smooth knee response, so the compression gradually increases as the signal exceeds the threshold. By the nature of the valve process, level control is extremely smooth. The Attack can be switched between three speeds, although even the fastest is not as fast as what you would get with a VCA or solid state compressor. The release time also has three speed settings, but Softube Summit Audio License Key is also program dependent, so its response is somewhat dependent on the shape of the incoming signal. An external sidechain input is also built in, to eliminate eses or other encoding tasks. The plugin goes a few steps further than the original box with its additional Modern Section controls. First, the Low Cut filter allows you to moderate the bass response to internal or external side chain input, particularly useful for material with a lot of low-end content. Then there’s the saturation control, which gives you the famous saturation character and hardware color without the need to overload the input.

Finally, while perhaps not as useful on a compressor of such a smooth nature, the Parallel Inject control allows you to configure the wet / dry mix of compressed and uncompressed signals. If you are familiar with the TLA-100A hardware, you will instantly feel at home with the plug-in version. Clip it to a voice and you will immediately hear an increase in presence, it is like listening through a magnifying glass. It’s not as awesome as the hardware, but that full, open familiar sound is definitely there. The saturation element is very subtle, adding a bit of natural glue to the vocals. Acoustic guitar is notoriously difficult to compress well, but the Softube Summit Audio Serial Key handles it very well, with the low-cut filter leaving out those booming low notes. Similarly, the bass benefits from smooth and easy operation to deliver a warm, oily sound, and again the filter helps ensure you don’t lose weight in the louder sections.


Free Download Softube Summit Audio TLA-100A 2 full version offline standalone installer for Windows, updated with an additional panel packed with modern features. An essential study for four decades and counting, this classic compressor is all about a reduction in smooth, natural-sounding gain, sublime leveling, and ease of use. Everything you put into the TLA-100A comes out the other side with a big but compact sound. It effortlessly keeps the dynamics of your material in check, without throttling the sound. An exquisite emulation of the original hardware from the 1980s, the TLA-100A plug-in offers extras previously unavailable to the hardware user, such as a Low Cut filter, Saturation knob, and Parallel Inject. Plug-in benefits take the TLA-100A to the next level while enshrining the warm and smooth sound of the original.

The Summit Audio TLA-100A is program dependent, which means it does a lot of thinking for you. It’s wildly easy to use and basically impossible to make it sound bad. However, it will give you a soft and warm distortion if you drive it too hard. For ease of use, the Softube Summit Audio Activation Key plug-in has a saturation knob that the original unit lacked. This allows you to mix just the right amount of distortion into your signal. The TLA-100A shows the same basic behavior on any type of material. Its transparency and strong yet gentle grip on the sound source make it a popular choice for putting vocals and bass right where they need to be in the mix. The TLA-100A is also well suited for tasks like smoothing out a spiky acoustic guitar that demands too much attention or providing some “glue” on a drum bus or an entire mix.


  • Officially licensed and created in association with Summit Audio
  • Each component expertly modeled
  • Moderate authority with which to control your audio dynamics
  • Modeled output distortion, easily controlled with the drive knob.
  • Extremely analog behavior of frequencies, phase, distortion, attack, release, etc.
  • Built-in parallel compression
  • Detector filter (a low cut filter that can be switched to signal input)
  • Absurdly easy to use
  • Modeled output distortion easily controlled with the drive knob


A studio classic, the Softube Summit Audio Crack brings standard diamond volume leveling and tube saturation to your desktop. This is more than just an excellent emulation of the TLA-100A hardware. While it is very, very similar in terms of sound quality, the addition of those ‘modern’ features takes it to new heights, possibly making it better than the original. Good work, Softube!

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