ThunderSoft DRM Protection 4.3.0 With Crack Download [Latest]

ThunderSoft DRM Protection full Crack is a DRM solution for video/audio/image files. DRM protected media files can prevent illegal copying and distribution, unauthorized users can not open them. Authorization key can be binding with end user’s hardware, one device one key, specify its time interval and also blacklist feature included. Our software provide custom watermarks, custom player and many other advanced settings to help you complete your DRM protection.

ThunderSoft DRM Protection full Version of Free DRM Protection, after register it successfully, you will get full functions.ThunderSoft DRM Protection is a solution of DRM for the file video / audio / images. The media files are DRM protected can prevent copying and illegal distribution, unauthorized users can’t open them. Locking authorizations can be associated with hardware of the end user, a lock, a device, specify its time period, and the blacklist feature comes. Software ThunderSoft DRM Protection provides the watermarks, custom, custom player and many advanced settings to help you complete DRM protection of you.

ThunderSoft DRM Protection Keygen key this program will allow you to protect files related to video, audio, images using the DRV method. It is worth noting that any media files of different formats that you have protected with this method will not be able to be illegally copied or distributed over the Internet, users who have not been previously authorized, can not open them and further work with them.There is a special authorization key, there are many ways to use it, one of which requires you to bind it to the end user’s equipment, and only on it you can run your file, you can specify the number of devices to one key, you can specify the time interval that a person can use this file, there is a special blacklist function.


On this page free Download DRM Protection with the key for free the latest version can be found below in the news, the program has the ability to superimpose watermarks on top of your file and you will get other advanced settings that will help you protect your selected file via DRM.

At the output you will be able to get a file that will be in GEM format, this is a special media format that is protected by DRM and uses a special level of encryption, this format will allow you to keep all your files as safe as possible, because you can only open it through GemPlayer, no other media player is able to work with this file format, even if you have it installed, you still need to have an authorization key to unlock this file.


  • Allow combine multiple files into the one DRM protected file.
  • Encrypt media files with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which have a very high level security.
  • Encryption with high speed, and the output file can be open quickly.
  • Allow authorization key binding with PC, USB Disk, CD or not.
  • Allow add watermark, supports float or fixed watermark style.
  • Anti-Copy settings can prevent screen recording software, and forbid to play when connecting to internet.
  • Ad-settings allow add Ad links to DRM protected files.
  • Online Password Blacklist can disable password you sent to uses.
  • Password maker help you create different password to different users.
  • Allow custom player with your company information.
  • Prevent screen recording and screenshot from most screen recorder on the internet.


Why can’t the encrypted video play?

Maybe his password is wrong, or maybe the encrypted file is damage, re-sent password or file to him.

What’s GEM format?

GEM format (.gem files) is a DRM protected media format. Use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which have a very high level security. With this format, you can keep your media data safe, because no common video player can open it. Even installed the specified player, you also need an authorization key(password) to unlock it. Supports OS: Windows, macOS and Android.
Download a Sample file of GEM format.

What’s Encryption Key?

The Encryption Key is used for file encryption, complicated password will increase the security of files.

What’s Project ID?

Project ID is used to help you remember what is project or video you ever encrypted. Maybe you use Free Video DRM Protection to encrypt lots of videos and send to your users.You need backup those Encryption Keys and Project ID, if there is no project ID, it is difficlut to find the correct Encrypt Keys to create play password again some days later.


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