Best Alternatives for Unacademy E-Learning App PC

Here is the best alternatives list for the Unacademy App. Unacademy E-Learning is an App marketed by Sorting Hat Technologies ltd that allows you to connect with one of the best tutors in your country to learn from them while maintaining social distance. Users can create reminders to get notifications at the desired time of the day to follow their daily classes.

You can share your opinion by commenting during the live session to get the answer from your teacher and clear all your doubts. The profile section shows information about each teacher, such as rating, name, subject, rating, ranking, statistics, and achievements.

Best Alternatives for Unacademy App

Unacademy Learning App sorts lessons based on courses and batches with the option to save a lesson in the favorite folder for reading later. Users can take daily or weekly tests and quizzes to evaluate their learning progress on the go.

DreamBox Learning Math

DreamBox Learning Math is a great mobile app introduced by DreamBox Learning, Inc.

Hokie Mobile

Hokie Mobile is a great mobile app introduced by Virginia Tech that gives you information about online services, events, and directory searches.

Lido Learning

India’s best live interactive lessons.

Physics Wallah

The Physics Wallah app will help you crack a large number of entry-level national-level tests such as JEE, NEET, IIT, and several other tests to access one of the top engineering colleges in your country.

BYJU’S – The learning app

BYJU’S – The learning app comes with features that allow you to get the perfect answer to all your questions on various topics from leading teachers and coaches. It includes a trial version so that users can familiarize themselves with all the features of the app before purchasing the full version from the store section.

You can watch video lessons to understand difficult terms while clearing all doubts in your head. BYJU’S – Make learning fun app features live to chat so users can send messages to their teachers telling them about their preparation for the upcoming school exams.

Vedantu: LIVE learning app | Class 1-12, JEE, NEET

Vedantu: LIVE learning app | Class 1-12, JEE, NEET is an educational app with features that will help you clear all your doubts about scientific terms by contacting the best teachers from around the world. Users can provide correct answers in mini-quizzes to win a variety of real-life prizes.

You can access the list of profiles of all available teachers to view their life lessons and lessons without having to spend any money. Vedantu: LIVE Learning App offers live interactive lessons and users can answer questions from their teachers to keep them updated on their progress.

Toppr – Free learning app for grades 5 – 12

Toppr – Free Learning is a fast learning app for grade 5 to 12 students to help them cover their full syllabus from all state boards with a few days left before the exam by getting personalized lessons from education experts.

The Toppr app allows users to rate a class on a scale from 1 to 10 and write a review to share their suggestions with the developer after each lesson. It shows information about each lesson, such as the teacher name, duration, and a button to add it to the bookmark list.

Merit: CBSE, ICSE, and more (Free Live Lessons)

Merit: CBSE, ICSE & More (Free Live Lessons) app allows users to receive the best available study materials to get their school and other exams at their fingertips. You can engage in a live chat with your teacher to share your questions with them and get the right answer in no time.

The Meritnation app also comes with an extensive collection of last year’s papers from all state boards to get a better idea of ​​exams and prepare them for what’s to come.


With the Robomate app, students can take the virtual learning experience to a whole new level by creating a personalized curriculum that covers all the important topics the night before the exam. You can enter your details such as name, mobile number, email address, and select a course to start learning right away.

The RoboMate app also offers an extensive collection of old papers and notes as they can update the collection to receive new notes on a daily basis. The help section has tips on how to get personalized lessons based on your needs.