Download Unacademy Learning App For Apple iOS – Official

Download the Unacademy Learning app for iOS and Android to study, learn and prepare for exams with India’s largest online learning platform. Unacademy is an online learning site with more than 2,400 video courses and classes on a wide variety of topics. Unacademy currently offers the largest and most diverse collection of online courses in India.

Unacademy has a variety of content. When you research the content broadly, there are several categories: English Language, Competitive Programming, Programming Languages, Fresh Placements, Management, Personal Finance, and Personal Development. Each category is further divided into subcategories.

Download Unacademy Learning App for iOS and Apple

The educators of the Unacademy were professional and presented the material clearly. When exploring courses, you can read a detailed description of them, including an info box with course duration, practice portion, mock exams, and lecture notes shared as PDFs for your review. You can take weekly tests and quizzes on the courses to test your knowledge. Educators teach in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and many more languages.

In addition to offering online courses, Unacademy PC welcomes instructors who want to create courses and sell them on the platform. Compared to other sites that host learning content, Unacademy has great resources for educators, including a list of in-demand topics that are regularly updated. The Unacademy Learning App is best if you need to learn for major competitive exams – UPSC Bank Exams, CSE / IAS, SSC CGL, IBPS / SBI, CAT, GRE, GATE / IES, CA, CLAT, JEE, Pre-Medical, Railways Exams.


Download Unacademy iOS Now. You can access live-streamed classes or courses in the category you have subscribed to with the Unacademy plus subscription through your web browser or mobile application. You can download lessons and learn at any time with the Unacademy learning app. The downloaded educational content can only be viewed during the subscription period. Click the downloading button to download Unacademy iOS and Android.


Certified Teachers: The instructors are professional and knowledgeable in their expertise. You can make sure to learn from them as soon as you take the course.

Live Lessons: You can watch the live instructor classes during the lectures and when they have discussed something in class. You can also communicate with them via video call and chat if you want to ask them something.

Mock Test and Quizzes: This is one of the most important features in studying. This allows you to take a full mock exam, ensuring you are well prepared and on the right track before taking the actual exam.

Statistics: It allows you to see your performance and pain on the fake test and quizzes, with a detailed report highlighting your incorrect answer, the topic breakdown, and your overall score.

Notification System: This ensures that you can get the upcoming courses and the recommendations for you so that you can plan and follow your schedule in advance.

Offline Notes: Although we live in an age where we regularly use the internet, in some cases we don’t have an internet connection. This problem is easy to solve because with the Unacademy App you can download the lectures and videos so that you can also watch them offline.

How to Install Unacademy on iOS

  1. In this section, you will learn how to download and install Unacademy Apk on any Android device or iOS. To perform this process, you have to follow some rules which I have explained below.
  2. Since it is an unknown file, all devices have problems installing it. So that you allowed it in the device command section first. Check the unknown source, just follow these steps Settings> Security> Unknown Sources.
  3. All .APK files on our site are original and unaltered.


How much does Unacademy cost

Unacademy app and watching videos online is completely free. With their subscription you get access to all their live and recorded classes for which they charge a small fee between ₹ 1200 and ₹ 6200 per year. You can take an unlimited number of videos offline by paying this nominal fee.

How much do other learning sites cost?

The costs of online learning are all over the map. Some companies charge a membership fee, while others only sell access to specific classes. As mentioned, Byju’s learning app sells courses at prices set by them, rather than offering a membership. The Vedantu app also sells courses separately.

Can I use the Unacademy on my PC without BlueStacks or another emulator?

Unfortunately, no. There is no other way to run it as the official version for the Windows PC or Mac is not available for now. So the emulator is the only way to run it.

Can I get malware or viruses when I install an emulator?

To be fair, some emulator contains a PUP or potentially unwanted program when you install them. And your antivirus program may hate it. However, the BlueStacks emulator does not have this bundleware, and this is one of the reasons why we recommend using this emulator for running the Unacademy app.

Is it free to use the Unacademy app?

Signing up to the Unacademy app is free. However, you have to subscribe to their premium services to unlock most of their courses.

My PC can run the Unacademy app, but very slow help!

You need to consult the minimum requirements to run it. If your computer has better specifications, you may want to check if you have enabled virtualization technology on your BIOS. This is an optional setting, but important for emulators. If you enable it, you will see a significant performance boost.


Unacademy is the best exam preparation learning app. From this learning platform, thousands of students are selected for government and private jobs with rising salaries. The developer has developed the application for Android and iOS users, but this guide has given you a trick and technique on how to download and install Unacademy app for PC and Windows 10, 7, 8, XP, 32 bit and 64 bit laptop and Mac OS computers.