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ApexSQL Log Crack Generate generates test data for specific columns and tables. Export test data to SQL, XML, JSON, and CSV files. Use a wide range of predefined options to customize your data. Preview the generated data before running or exporting it. ApexSQL Log Crack Generate generates test data for specific columns and tables. Export test data to SQL, XML, JSON, and CSV files, or run directly in the database. Use a wide range of predefined options to customize your data, such as setting seed, length, minimum and maximum values, data uniqueness, and percentage of null values. Preview the generated data before running or exporting it. Ability to quickly generate millions of rows. Use different generators like random, incremental, list, table, directory, query, CSV, and predefined generators. Intelligent automatic creation of data patterns at the row level. Supports a wide variety of data types, including geography, money, and hierarchies. Ability to save the project as a batch script for automatic execution.

ApexSQL Log 2021 Serial Key Generate is useful for all SQL Server developers who need to make sure their utilities run smoothly and are looking for test data. The application can be run on all computers where .NET Framework 4.5 is already installed and supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher, and Azure SQL Database. To take full advantage of this application, users must first connect it to a supported database by selecting the server type and authentication method. They can also assign alias names if they want to keep certain settings for future use. When creating a new project, you can also define the number of rows, disable INSERT triggers and CHECK constraints, or modify the initial value.

ApexSQL Log Activation Key Generate supports various types of data creation, and users can experiment with each one until they find the one they like best. For example, if they opt for the “random” method, they must enter the minimum and maximum values, choose the initial value, and then specify whether they are looking for unique inputs or if they allow null records. The “incremental” is somewhat similar, except it adds an increment value and allows users to enable the loop. It is also possible to enter a query string to generate test data or to select specific tables to be processed. Once the necessary data has been generated, it can be exported to SQL, CSV or XML formats for further analysis and review.


Free Download ApexSQL Generate 2020 Full Version Offline Standalone Installer for Windows, it is a program with many advanced features for databases. Feel free to download ApexSQL Generate from our software portal, you have made the right choice. We inform you that you are downloading version 2020.03.0384 of this program. It is a trial version of the software, its full edition must be purchased. The installer for this tool is original, taken from the developer’s site, and has not been modified in any way. Our built-in antivirus solutions have proven this direct download link to be clean. This link leads to the official website for ApexSQL Generate, which is an external source. The GetWinPCSoft team assumes no responsibility for the security of such files. We recommend checking all files for viruses.

Apex SQL Log Crack v2021 + License Key Download Free is an application developed by Red Gate Software Ltd to help professionals create large volumes of data in SQL Server Management Studio. It’s all done with a few mouse clicks, and database engineers can generate meaningful row-level test data quickly and easily. The program comes wrapped in a modern interface and is colored with a black and white theme. The menu icons are sized appropriately and the font style of the text seems to be well chosen. There are no skin themes or advanced customizations and under heavy loads the buttons lag behind. When it comes to its features, SQL Data Generator incorporates custom Python generators for data creation, supports importing data from existing data sources, and includes over 60 built-in generators for complex configuration options.Additionally, users can disable triggers and constraints to avoid interfering with database logic and can use column data generation to generate data in one column based on data in another.


  • Instant database population
  • Export data to SQL, JSON, XML or CSV
  • Run test data directly against the database
  • Generate data with different generators like Random, Incremental, From list, Table, Directory, Query and CSV
  • Replicates previously generated data
  • Import from existing data sources
  • Support for SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008 and 2005
  • Full CLI support
  • More than 200 predefined generators
  • Save project as batch script


Can I use multiple conditions in a SQL query?

Yes. The Query generator supports multiple conditions in the ApexSQL Log Crack statements, so the AND, OR and LIKE conditions can be used in conjunction.

Am I allowed to use data from any database and SQL Server or just the currently connected database in ApexSQL Generate?

The Query generator can be used to import data from any database of any SQL Server instance.

Can I select data from any column, regardless of data type?

No, the source column (from where the data is being extracted) and the target column (where the data is being inserted) need to have a matching data types.

Why should I disable CHECK constraints then?

If a column has a CHECK constraint, the range of generated values for that column can be limited. When CHECK constraints are disabled, the full range of data can be inserted into the column by allowing the SQL Server to ignore the constraint’s condition.


All in all, ApexSQL Log Crack Generate can be a useful solution for everyone who wants to get test data based on the information in their database.This program is useful for all SQL Server developers who need to make sure their utilities are running smoothly and who are looking for test data.ApexSQL Log Crack Data Generator is a comprehensive tool for generating realistic test data and provides users with many useful functions to complete their daily tasks.

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