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XLS and XLSX are two file extensions used by Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel 2003 documents are XLS while the 2007 edition works in XLSX format. Even if both formats belong to the same company, you may have some problems opening XLS files with the 2007 package and XLSX data with the 2003 version. To avoid this situation, you can use Batch XLS and XLSX Converter Serial number .

Batch XLSX To XLS Converter crack has an easy-to-use interface, with all menus open. With just a few clicks, you can select the files you want to convert. This tool was created to help you convert your Excel 2003 files to Excel 2007 files or vice versa. It provides a powerful search tool that helps you search all XLS or XLSX files in a folder and its subfolders. So, using this application, you can easily convert only one selected file, or all Excel 2007 or 2003 files located in a specific folder. You can export the current project to a batch-xls2xls file, to save the work for a later time.

Batch XLS and XLSX Converter Crack Free Serial Number offers the ability to interrupt the conversion process at any time you want. Stopping operation is also among the functions available in the application. The conversion process is very fast, taking only a few seconds of your time. When converting a number of 10 files, the CPU value peaked at 25%, and only 4MB of RAM was required. So if you need a small but powerful and fast XLSX to / from XLS converter, you can take advantage of the trial period to see if this app offers all the features you need.

Batch XLS and XLSX Converter 2021.13.817.2410 Crack Download

Batch XLS and XLSX Converter 2021.13.817.2410 Crack Free Download is an application that functions as a file converter. Many of us use MS Excel every day. It features a wide range of unique options. Also with its advantages, it sometimes causes problems in opening files of specific formats. Different versions of Ms excel support different file formats. The user is not able to open all excel files in all versions which are not good. XLS and XLSX are two different formats, which can be opened from two different versions. Excel 2007 cannot open XLSX format files. Also, excel 2003 cannot open XLS files or formats. Using two different versions of the same tool for different files is not easy.

Therefore, Batch XLS and XLSX Converter Free Download offers you to open files of different formats in the same tool. To summarize, Batch XLS and XLSX Converter Key enable users to convert XLS sheets to XLSX sheets. Now there is no need to install different tools for different sheet formats. It is a lightweight platform that drives all types of users. With the help of the full version, you can convert your file to many file formats. You can easily convert only one selected file. The conversion process is very fast, taking only a few seconds of your time.


  • Easily convert Excel XLS (Excel 2003) to XLSX (Excel 2007 OOXML Format) and XLSX to XLS.
  • Convert XLSX group to XLS and XLS to XLSX with GUI that supports powerful search function.
  • Supports converting an xls / xlsx file.
  • Supports converting xls / xlsx files to a folder.
  • Drag and drop context menu with Microsoft Explorer supported.
  • Supports group project and command line.
  • An efficient multi-threaded high-speed conversion motor.
  • XLSX conversion is now supported! Convert XLSX to CSV, HTML, XML, XLS, TXT etc.
  • Numerous CSV (comma-limited file) manipulation features including fill, border change and more. See below for more details.
  • Move or delete the input files after processing.
  • Convert fixed-width text files to / from Excel or CSV files.
  • Supports recursive subsets.


Is XLSX compatible with XLS?

XLS files can be opened with all versions of Excel due to backward compatibility. However, XLSX can only be opened with Excel 2007 and only the side versions.

What is the XLSX format in Excel?

XLSX files are standard add-ons for modern Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files. They are a zip compressed XML file, used to analyze and organize data. They contain numeric data separated by rows and columns within a cell. It is a modern, updated version of the original Excel file format.

When did you change XLS to Xlsx?

In the release of Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft decided to change the default file format to another format and add x extras to all of their document extensions; for Excel, this ended up as XLSX.

What is the difference between xlsx and XLSM?

XLSM does not take up as much disk space as XLSX, but it is still a large Excel file format. Like XLSX, XLSM uses an open file format and can be used with many other applications. It also allows the full amount of columns and rows. XLSM is compatible with all functions in Excel and can save them all.


Batch XLS and XLSX Converter key is a very easy task. It does not even require any user guide files or instructions. The interface contains the basic control with which the user can convert files to other formats. Moreover, this program allows the user to convert a large part or batch of files at the same time. Users can perform the conversion of multiple files at a time without any difficulty. You have an option to download the full version of the software with a lifetime supported key.

This way, when the user specifies the document and format, the program starts converting it without wasting time. Moreover, Batch XLS and XLSX Converter Torrent also enable the user to stop the conversion process at any time. The command line option is also available in the program. Also, this converter is very light and does not cause problems in the system. It does not change the data quality of the documents.

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