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Bitsum CPUBalance Pro Crack is a software monitoring and management system, to help detect and stop the service, the software is not necessary to improve the response time of the system. This application can be run independently or in conjunction with Process Lasso, enhanced features of ProBalance.Process monitoring is running to crash the hog CPU. After a quick installation, this is not difficult, CPUBalance will integrate into the system at startup, although that does not attract your attention. Also, it was added to Windows autostart so that it runs automatically every time you turn on the computer.

Bitsum CPUBalance Pro with Keygen

CPUBalance is real-time CPU optimization software that contains the famous ProBalance algorithm from Process Lasso. This demonstrable technology helps maintain system responsiveness during high CPU loads. Even if you have perfectly adjusted PC and well-behaved applications, our ProBalance algorithm can save you from a hard reset in the worst case. Bitsum CPUBalance Pro Patch offers our famous ProBalance algorithm that has been shown to preserve system responsiveness during high CPU loads. While it can’t fix all responsiveness issues, its impact during high CPU load, even on modern multi-core CPUs, is surprising. Real-world demos, such as saving a file to multimedia editing software, are a great example; your PC goes into a slow state until you walk away from that application (letting ProBalance wake up as it excludes the foreground application by default), then you will see a difference day and night. It’s hard to believe, so give it a try for yourself. You can create your own “high load” demo, and it doesn’t need to run on anything other than a normal priority class with normal priority threads. That’s all it takes to severely impact Windows responsiveness, to the point where it is unusable, and hence the problem that ProBalance solves.

How many other PC optimization algorithms can take both synthetic and real-world tests? ALMOST NONE. We can do it! You can run the live demo yourself or try real-world instructions that only require a particular type of PC use. Let ProBalance be there the next time a process gets out of control or requires a lot of CPU over a period of time! While Bitsum CPUBalance Pro Full Version Crack can differ from Process Lasso, it can also run alongside it with seamless integration (when complete). It uses the same core engine (Bitsum’s processgovernor.exe), so you get the same algorithm with either product and the two don’t conflict with each other. Instead, CPUBalance offers an additional systray icon and easier access to ProBalance controls. In the future, it will offer more user interface functions that may not be present in Process Lasso. However, Process Lasso is always the “big dog” and the “up-sell” that includes everything, all of our algorithms.

Bitsum CPUBalance Pro Crack + Key Download

Bitsum CPUBalance Pro 2020 Free Download  represents a subset of Process Lasso, specifically its famous ProBalance function, effective and demonstrable, users who want ONLY that function may want to install this even smaller version of the algorithm. However, CPUBalance also shares a Governor (silent core engine) with Process Lasso, so Process Lasso v8 users may want to get the latest and greatest from ProBalance and other options. It doesn’t add any real additional overhead to Process Lasso, given this shared Governor.

Download free Bitsum CPUBalance Pro for Windows full version offline installer, always keep your PC responsive, tune your Windows PC perfectly to keep its performance at 100%. Bitsum CPUBalance Pro Crack Free Download uses proprietary technology found in Process Lasso to maintain the responsiveness of the system during high loads, or even save it from a hard reset during the worst case scenario. The ProBalance algorithm used in CPUBalance has been shown to preserve system responsiveness during high CPU loads. While it can’t fix all responsiveness issues, it packs an impressive punch on high CPU load, even on modern multi-core CPUs. A 64-bit operating system is required. CPUBalance is a subset of Process Lasso, a tool designed to manage and edit how your processes and services run. CPUBalance is a free app, however ProBalance Affinity Changes and Governor Response Rate are available for $ 9.95.


  • Monitor running processes to block CPU hoarders
  • Set process restrictions and view detailed logs
  • Set exclusions and change CPU affinity during restrictions
  • Promising process manager for CPU related events


Does ProBalance slow processes down?

NO! The ProBalance feature doesn’t actually ‘restrain’ anything. We used that term only for lack of a better one. ProBalance’s default action is to simply temporarily lower the offending process’s priority class to Below Normal, a marginal change to the precedence during contention. In real-world and synthetic tests, as shown in the  Bitsum CPUBalance Pro Key demo, this is all it takes to restore responsiveness to the rest of the PC, and it certainly doesn’t impact the performance of targeted applications.

Does CPUBalance replace Process Lasso?

NO! Nowhere close. It can complement Process Lasso by running along-side it, where it integrates perfectly, or it can run without Process Lasso. I think that it’s actually best to run with Lasso, and that will definitely be true of existing Lasso users who appreciate it’s wide array of features.

What happens when Process Lasso and CPUBalance are both installed?

Bitsum CPUBalance Pro Full version is unnecessary if Process Lasso is installed, so you should uninstall CPUBalance.Is

ProBalance still going to be part of Process Lasso?

YES, of course. No tricks here. Both these products will use the latest rendition of our famous ProBalance algorithm.


Bitsum CPUBalance Pro – is a lightweight tool that uses the company’s ProBalance technology to monitor and prevent processor hogging from running processes to improve system response time. This application can be run independently or in conjunction with Process Lasso, enhancing your existing Bitsum CPUBalance Pro Full version feature.

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