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In the latest Project Explorer Crack of Civil 3D, there really haven’t been any changes that I think could really change the game and give your productivity a huge boost. Yes, there were a lot of little things and some nice extra tools, but nothing that would make you say “WOW!” So far, there are a couple of things in the upcoming Civil 3D 2022 release that I think could be game-changing and I’m happy to share them with you. However, we can not only see the news of our flagship product, but also all the other complementary products, so I will briefly mention some of them. This came out as an add-on for Civil 3D sometime last year in one of the final product updates. It is installed for Civil 3D 2020, 2021, and now 2022. Once installed, it can be found under the Add-ons tab of the ribbon. Project Explorer provides users with an easy-to-use Civil 3D design model review tool and user-configurable report generator. Civil 3D users now have a more efficient way to access, interact, and share the amazing array of design information found in a Civil 3D model.

  • Simplify navigation, review, and editing of project data from your Civil 3D models.
  • Custom reports and tables
  • Discover and evaluate design criteria to help meet design standards

Typically, to manage projects and drawing objects, users would use the Prospector tab of the toolspace in Civil 3D. Now, you can view and edit Civil 3D designs in a series with object list tabs, section and profile views, parameter lists, and many other design review tools. All information displayed in the Project Explorer window is live geometric project data from Civil 3D model. Therefore, if something is modified or added to the Civil 3D model, the contents of the Project Explorer Serial Key bwill update automatically. If you use dual monitors, I would consider keeping the Project Explorer open on your second monitor while working in Civil 3D. Being able to see all alignments, profiles and sections in an area, and being able to switch between functions is key to streamlining workflows. And being able to make edits, make changes to geometry or styles without jumping all over the place in your model settings is extremely helpful. The options within the Pipe Network Project Explorer are endless! You can easily switch between pipe runs, edit multiple lines, SWAP MULTIPLE parts, and make global changes you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the option to do. And as a novelty in Civil 3D 2022 Project Explorer, you can now view and edit PRESSURE NETWORKS, where in the previous version you could only edit gravity networks.

Working in Civil 3D, we spend a good deal of time selecting objects in the drawing or Toolspace, clicking the left and right mouse buttons to select or display commands on the ribbon or an extended menu, deselect objects, and open and close dialogues, only to find much needed information. Ever wonder how much time you would save to have immediate access to the information you need? Enter the Autodesk Project Explorer for Civil 3D. The Project Explorer was released as an entitlement to the Autodesk 2021 AEC Collection and runs within Civil 3D 2021. Interestingly, if you also have the 2020 AEC Collection and have Civil 3D 2020 installed at the time install Project Explorer License Key, it will be installed to both versions. Haven’t heard of Project Explorer? Provides a single application to manage the content of Civil 3D models, as well as a reporting tool to present the model information. Simply put, we can edit Civil 3D objects, validate our design, and create reports, all within a single user interface. Once installed, launch the Project Explorer by clicking the Add-Ins tab on the ribbon and selecting the Launch Project Explorer button. The Project Explorer will open as a new dialog box that can be moved to an additional monitor and left open while you work.


Project Explorer Crack 3D 2022 new and updated version for Windows. It is a complete standalone installation of the Autodesk Civil 3D 2022 Offline Installer Free Download for the supported version of Windows. The program was verified and installed manually before uploading by our staff, it is a fully functional version without any problems. Civil 3D civil engineering design software supports BIM (Building Information Modeling) with built-in features to enhance construction drafting, design, and documentation. Project teams use BIM 360 Design to optimize the coordination of deliverables, visualize changes, and manage issues and brands, all in a common data environment over the life of the project. Work with ArcGIS data directly in your Civil 3D design model and ensure teams maintain access to up-to-date project information. Use Dynamo for scheduling and design automation. Define scripts and routines in a visual environment to design and accelerate workflows.

Free Download Autodesk Project Explore for Civil 3D Full Version Offline Standalone Installer for Windows. It is an all-in-one hub for managing content and extracting information from Civil 3D models. It is an all-in-one hub for managing content and extracting information from Civil 3D models. Helps users review, validate, report, export, and edit models. Capabilities include powerful table and report generation, enhanced editing and layout review tools, and much more. Additionally, it helps users better understand their design and more efficiently control the distribution of geometric information to project stakeholders. Our website provides a free download of ProjectExplorer for AutoCAD Civil 3D The software is found within Photo & Graphics Tools, more precisely in 3D Design. This software is the intellectual property of 3AM Solutions (UK) Limited. Our built-in antivirus verified this download and rated it virus-free. The following versions: 2.1 and 1.0 are the most downloaded by users of the program. It has dynamic editing and review capabilities, a fully configurable report generator, and a range of design validation tools. You can use Use Object Sets in ProjectExplorer to effortlessly predefine the content, layout, and output path of various reports. Once a series of object sets have been defined, the associated reports can be instantly updated when a design change occurs, with a single button click.


  • It has a tabbed user interface divided into object categories such as alignments, corridors, and pipe networks. Each tab presents a wide range of information in tabular and graphic formats. The content can be easily filtered, configured and reviewed by the user, and many parameters can be edited directly from this program window.
  • Geometric reports can be exported to a variety of popular file formats, including Excel spreadsheets and PDF files
  • Object sets can contain lingering object selections for export to geometric reports, tables, or other AutoCAD drawings. Updates can be applied to exported documents when subsequent design changes are applied in Civil 3D
  • It is fully style-driven, ensuring that AutoCAD reports, tables, and the user interface itself can be easily configured to the requirements of each user, project, or organization.
  • Displays a variety of warning tooltips for areas of the design that may not meet specified design rules or standards, or objects that may require further scrutiny.
  • It has a wide range of tools for reviewing and editing pipe networks, such as a multi-part swap tool and a pipe editor.


Is Autodesk acquiring 3AM Solutions?

No. 3AM Solutions will continue to operate as an independent company.

Will 3AM Solutions continue to support current ProjectExplorer customers for Autodesk Civil 3D?

Yes. 3AM Solutions will continue to provide direct product support to customers with a current subscription or annual maintenance contract with 3AM Solutions for ProjectExplorer for Autodesk Civil 3D. Support will be available through 3AM Solutions until your subscription or maintenance contract expires.

I have a customer with a current Autodesk subscription to Civil 3D. They also have a 3AM Solutions for ProjectExplorer annual subscription for Autodesk Civil 3D. This annual subscription will expire this year (2020). How long do you have to transition to the Project Explorer in Civil 3D?

3AM Solutions is extending annual subscriptions for ProjectExplorer for Autodesk Civil 3D which will expire this year (2020) until December 31, 2020 at no additional cost to customers. These customers will have until December 31, 2020 to transition to Project Explorer in Civil 3D.

Current 3AM Solutions ProjectExplorer customers for Autodesk Civil 3D with additional licensing, support or other questions should contact 3AM Solutions by email at [email protected].

How do I install Project Explorer?

Project Explorer can be downloaded and installed in two ways: through Products and services Architecture Engineering and construction Collection See elements. Through the Autodesk desktop application.


Project Explorer Crack is a unique custom reporting, reporting and editing tool for Autodesk Civil 3D from 3AM Solutions Limited, a UK based third party software developer. ProjectExplorer provides a much more dynamic, interactive and customizable interface for editing and generating reports. and manage Civil 3D functions and the resulting Civil 3D models within Civil 3D.

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