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Greenshot full crack is an open source, local tool designed to help project managers, technical writers, software developers and other professionals capture screenshots and edit them as per requirements. Individuals can customize hotkeys and set a time interval before capturing the screen.Greenshot! It’s a Windows screenshot utility that makes capturing and sending screenshots easy. It allows to capture either the entire screen, a region or a selected window via menu or keyboard shortcuts. Screenshots can be send to a file, printer, email or the Windows clipboard. The tool has functions for annotation, and obfuscation and highlighting of parts of the image. Some of the options that can be configured in the preferences include output path, image format (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP) and filename pattern.

Greenshot keygen key has exactly a user-friendly experience, it doesn’t use a lot of CPU and you can record your entire screen. This is the best screen capture software that can load and provide the link on your clipboard, ready for you to paste in less than a second. It’s easy to use, you can use this software to record movies and games and create GIFs.We’re used to seeing pretty advanced screen capture programs with lots of options and features that we barely ever use.But you don’t have to get rid of all those extras to have an easy-to-handle program adapted to your needs.A good example of the latter is Greenshot, which combines, in a simple and useful manner, different screen capture modes within the same program.

You can take a capture of your full screen, a small area, or just one window in particular. Each of these modes is activated via a combination of keystrokes, or from the icon on your menu bar.The resulting capture can be saved directly as a file, sent to print, copied to the clipboard, or opened in an editor, according to your needs. By default, the capture will go directly to the editor.Overall, Greenshot license key is very customizable, but it also works great with minimal configuration. I can recommend this app to anyone looking for a flexible and optional third-party screenshot or third-party screenshot program.

Download Greenshot Windows 10

The greenshot image editor free download works with hotkey combinations that capture a screen, window, or region of your choice. It also allows you to capture a full scrolling web page from Internet Explorer (for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 users). Like other screenshot tools you’ve already used, you can instantly capture a screen image by holding down your mouse while dragging the active area along your chosen capture region. The program’s green-tinted capture region is unique and visually appealing and allows you to make selections with ease. You can also open your screenshots in the program’s sophisticated image editor, which allows you to add effects, text and specific objects, resize, crop and rotate, and draw freehand on the image. The print screen button on your keyboard is the default setting for the program, but you can change it to your preferred hotkeys by installing it on your desktop. This screenshot tool allows you to send your captured image to its built-in image editor, clipboard, printer, and even attach it to your email. You can also export the selected screenshot to Microsoft Office or upload it to your different cloud based programs like Dropbox, Flick, Imgur, Confluence,, JIRA and Picasa web based.

In addition to its basic features, the program also provides you with premium features like obfuscation and optical character recognition (OCR) for free. You can use the program’s indispensable obfuscation feature to make a part of the screen unreadable by pixelation or blurring. While the OCR plugin will work just fine if you have Microsoft Office installed on your desktop. This feature will detect texts on your screenshot, allowing you to place the selected texts on your clipboard. The program’s installation wizard also lets you choose from a variety of available plugins to install, as well as lists of incredibly useful interface languages ​​that are displayed in their own scripted form.Greenshot is free downloads because it is open source (or so-called “free software”) under the GNU General Public License and is hosted by GitHub. Greenshot is also available for download from Apple’s App Store (for Mac users) under a proprietary license.So as long as you download from our site, you should be fine. As for those people who reported that their antivirus software detected something, so far I think we’ve done our job like: …some downloaded Greenshot from somewhere else, not from our website. the others were identified as false positives.

Features Greenshot Scrolling Capture

  • Free and easy to use app screenshot
  • You can drag the photo out of the app
  • Automatically saved and easily shared wherever you want
  • It’s great to share screenshots on social media and the like.
  • It is also non-intrusive and requires no administrator rights.
  • This is better than any other screen capture service.

FAQ Greenshot Download Gratis

How do I get Greenshot on my computer?

Greenshot is running as its own background process. To access the app, you can right-click the Greenshot icon in the notification area or take a screenshot directly by pressing one of the defined keys. Multiple editor windows can be opened in parallel.

Is Greenshot free software?

Greenshot is the most amazing screenshot tool you can get on your Windows PC. Get it now! free and open source! … free and open source!

Is Greenshot better than the crop tool?

Greenshot (2.8MB) is much simpler than ShareX and much more powerful than the Snipping Tool, which makes it a good compromise. After capturing part of the screen, you can save it or send it to various places: menu options include the clipboard, a printer, an image editor, a Microsoft Office program, and so on.

Is the screenshot a virus?

According to the information, we have Greenshot.exe is not a virus. But a good file can be infected with malware or viruses to disguise itself.

Conclusion Greenshot Image Editor

Greenshot crack is a very good app at what it does and while it works well out of the box, there are plenty of options for a great deal of flexibility. There are also many other features that I haven’t explored yet, like automatic file sharing. The ability to import and export profiles is great, I think it’s useful software that can increase screen capture efficiency. It has a nice set of features within a lightweight program. It’s very easy to use and has most of the features anyone needs to capture a screen.

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