IM-Magic Partition Resizer 3.9.0 Crack + Activation Key [2022]

IM-Magic Partition Resizer full crack is capable of increasing boot volume to save your system from reformatting the disk, reinstalling the operating system, and moving data elsewhere. Resizing the system partition is an easy task to perform even for beginners.Not only can IM-Magic Partition Resizer serial key expand the size of your boot partition, but you can also reduce / extend the volume of the disk without losing data. This is a great way to reduce a large volume that holds too much free space without formatting it, and redistribute the free space to expand other partitions with pristine data. You can also merge partitions and perform other partition management functions besides resizing partitions, such as the ability to format partitions, delete volumes, copy partitions, create partitions, and delete partitions.

IM-Magic Partition Resizer license key is an excellent tool that has a flexible approach to disk management. It has a standard, uncomplicated interface that can be navigated by users of all levels of expertise, and the variety of features is first class. If you need a free disk management tool that is easy to use, has some flexibility and does not leave a massive footprint, then IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is a good choice.IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free plays a magic on disk volume extending, shrinking to redistribute disk space when it has low disk space alter especially when system boot usually the C drive running out of space. Download the Windows repartitioning free software to keep your PC free of space. 100% of Safety when repartitioning. The best alternative software to Partition Magic! Magic Roll-Back technology to protect OS&Data while changing the disk.C drive running out of space? Resizer Free helps to increase the boot volume to save your system from reformatting disk, reinstalling the operating system, moving data to other places. Resizing the system partition would be an easy job to perform even for tech naives.

With unique roll-back power, this program will never hurt your data nor partition and provides a 100% of safety for the whole repartitioning even when your computer was shut down accidentally during the resizing.Shrinking/Extending disk volume size without losing data is possible with IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free. You may decrease a large volume which holds too much free space without formatting it. Extend partitions with data untouched.When your disk partitions are either running out of space or with a lot of free space, you may use this freeware to re-arrange the fences for better computer performance. Resizing is 100% safe with Resizer Free on the same disk.IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is a powerful, reliable and free partition manger tool that allows users to extend, move, shrink partitions and redistribute disk free space without destroying or changing the data on the partition. It supports computers that run Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.Simple user interface with clear guide which makes it easier than other partition software like old partition magic, easeus partition master, partitionwizard, aomei partition assistant, paragon partition manager etc.This program takes advanced technology that it won’t affect system even when system crashed or suffers power surge during the resizing.Any Windows user who uses disk to save data and have used disk for some time and may run into low disk space alter.


Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free downloads, the free partition software that helps expand, move, shrink and merge partitions without destroying the data. It only takes a few clicks from you to order the program to move the fences to rearrange the disk partition territory and keep your files untouched. 100% of successful resizing!Click the download button below to launch the Portable IM Magic Partition Resizer with the direct Pause download link and continue. Portable IM Magic Partition Resizer for PC is located on our high speed dedicated server with high speed download of IM Magic Partition Resizer Portable.

Anytime your disk space is complete, and you would like to lengthen that area then, this can surely assist you to. Because of it is friendly and easy-to-operate software, this software is dispersed globally. The software allows customers to carry out all the procedures supplied, following a very easy set of directions. Another essential and notable feature is this app is totally safe to function. This software provides you a number of alternatives to resize your rupture. It will help you to quickly resize your rupture without having any loss of your information. This growth will never cause any information loss


  • Resize / move partition
  • Format partition.
  • Delete partition.
  • Copy partition.
  • Delete disk / partition.
  • Delete all partitions.
  • Check the partition.
  • Defragmenter.
  • Set active.
  • See proportions of disk or partition.
  • Change drive letter.
  • Change label.
  • Explorer partition.
  • Convert to logical partition.
  • Convert to primary partition.
  • Convert to FAT32.
  • Change laboratory


What is IM magic partition resizer?

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is a powerful, reliable and free partition customization software that allows users to expand, move, reduce, format, copy, delete, create partitions and redistribute disk-free space without destroying or altering the data on the partition.

How can I resize a partition for free?

Right-click on the Windows Start menu and select Disk Management. Step 2. Select the partition you want to resize and right-click, select Expand Volume Mode or Decrease Volume Mode to resize the partition.

How do I resize a partition?

Start -> Right-click Computer -> Manage. Find Disk Management under Store on the left and click to select Disk Management. Right-click on the partition you want to cut and select Shrink Volume. Set a size to the right of Enter the amount of space to be reduced.

Is niubi partition editor free?

NIUBI Partition Editor Free Edition is free disk partition manager software for Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP (32 & 64 bit). It provides basic partition management to create, delete, format partition, change drive letter, etc


There have been no points in our exams because the app does not freeze, crash or error messages. IM-Magic Partition Resizer crack takes some time to endure resizing jobs, which constantly use a large amount of CPU and RAM, but this is common, given the stress it puts on the PC.

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