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MailStore Server is a server application developed to help you create a copy of all emails in a central file. Includes support for exporting options and quick searches.MailStore Server stores perfect copies of all company email in a central archive that can safely hold any amount of data for many years. Users can easily access archived emails by integrating Microsoft Outlook or an Internet browser with MailStore Web Access.

MailStore Server License Key – The software creates 1: 1 copies of all emails in a central email archive to ensure the security and availability of large amounts of data over a period of years. Users can still access their email using Microsoft Outlook, MailStore Web Access, or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, and search through them at blazing speed.This is the world’s leading best email archiving solution.

It includes thousands of small and medium-sized companies and organizations from all sectors and government agencies, administrative bodies and other public institutions.It offers the most comprehensive solutions on the market in terms of performance, stability, functionality and simplicity to meet the specific email archiving needs of SMBs. It is fast, easy to use and requires little maintenance or is reliable even with high volumes of email.


Free Download MailStore Server of the standalone offline installer for the full version of Windows. It is one of the world’s leading email archiving solutions.MailStore Server is a professional client / server application developed to help you create a copy of all emails in a central file. Includes support for exporting options and quick download searches.

The show excels in the visual department. It provides a well-designed GUI that is divided into two main smart panels: one is used to access the archiving tools, while the other comprises the functions required to complete each task and download.The home page is the place where various functions (email archive, search and export) and administrative tools are activated.


  • Legal protection for email compliance
  • High speed full text search for emails and attachments
  • Total protection against data loss
  • Reduce the workload of email servers
  • Save up to 70% storage space
  • Simplify backup and restore
  • Independence from cumbersome PST files
  • Eliminate mailbox quotas
  • Coming out of the box


How do I access my MailStore in Outlook?

Login to MailStore Server

The Connect to MailStore Server window appears. Enter the DNS host name of the computer where MailStore Server is installed in Server Name. Check with your system administrator for the server name and your login details. Click Connect to connect to MailStore Server.

Is MailStore Home free?

With MailStore we also offer a private email archiving solution. Free! It is a central archive for all emails.

How do I set up a MailStore?

  • Install the trial license. After the installation program has copied the program files, you will be prompted to enter a product key. …
  • Configure certificate. …
  • Configure the self-signed certificate. …
  • Complete the installation. …
  • Option 2: create users manually. …
  • Archiving your first email.


MailStore Server Serial Key allows your existing emails to be archived from mailboxes, public folders, shared mailboxes, email clients, and email files (for example, PST files). Emails can be removed from mailboxes on the email server using a rules-based process once they have been archived.

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