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Requiem Light Symphonic Choir is a huge-sounding cathedral choir instrument that effortlessly switches between soaring dramatic power, heavenly soft tones, and transcendent choral atmospheres. Recorded at the historic Saint Paul’s Cathedral in San Francisco, the realism and depth of Requiem Light Symphonic Choir will help your music ascend to new heights.Native Instruments FULL CRACK has released Effects Series – Mod Pack, which takes three classic modulation effects – chorus, flanger, and phaser – and adds new features to give each effect its own unique twist. Each offers new creative possibilities, plus convincing vintage-sounding results, making Mod Pack an essential upgrade from the modulation effects found in DAWs, say NI.

Mod Pack consists of three VST / AU / AAX plug-ins: A flanger called Flair, a chorus called Choral, and a phaser called Phasis. Phasis was made available for free until January 30 as part of the Native Instruments Holiday campaign, and all Phasis owners can enjoy a significant upgrade discount on the price of Mod Pack.Flair turns the classic flanger on its head. Rather than simply recreating vintage analog tape and pedal flanging effects Flair adds a new Voices mode which uses multiple delay lines to create tuned harmonic flanging layers and resonances. Native Instruments SERIAL KEY even features 24 chord settings, offering a variety of chords and note intervals.

Native Instruments license key Choral takes sonic inspiration from some of the most prized chorus, ensemble, and unison effects of the last 40 years. Add width, movement, sheen, and shimmer to any signal, or take advantage of an all-new feedback mode, Scatter, which creates an entirely new reverb-like effect.Phasis offers timeless phasing sounds – adding movement, soul, and creative magic to any signal. Phasis draws inspiration from classic phasers but adds new features for some original results. For example, the Spread control changes the spacing of the phaser’s notches, for vocal-style effects. Ultra mode pushes modulation to ultra high rates, producing unique FM-esque tones.


These three effects – Phasis, Choral and Flair – each replicate tried and tested hardware-style effects, but with a few unique tricks up their sleeves.Phasis initially appeared towards the end of last year as Native Instruments free download for existing NI gear owners (and those who grabbed it at the time can claim a £ 15 discount on the full Mod Pack). As you’d expect with a software phaser, Phasis has controls for adjusting the amount of notches applied to the frequency spectrum, along with the feedback (or resonance) of these.

There’s a sync-able LFO with rate control to act as a modulation source, and an amount control for adjusting the depth of modulation. Here we also get separate controls for adjusting the frequency Center and the Spread of the notches, and a slider that adjusts how the modulation is distributed between these.


  • UNIVERSAL offers a clean modern digital sound, while three are inspired by classic hardware choruses.
  • SYNTH mode takes its sonic lead from a series of 80s synthesizers, famous for their lush ‘unison’ chorusing function.
  • ENSEMBLE mode is reminiscent of the BBD (bucket brigade device) chorus section of one of the most prized string synths of the late 70s.
  • DIMENSION references the sound of a truly legendary early 80s rackmount chorus.


Q: How do I install FluffyAudio Sample Library on my computer?

A: After downloading the files, do the following operation with the specified order:

  • Move all the downloaded files in a folder of your preference;
  • Extract the Patch file;
  • Extract the first Samples part file (Usually “Product Name” Samples.part01.rar);
  • Please note that you do not need to extract ALL the Samples.partXX.rar, you just need to extract the first one and the extractor will automatically extract the other archives;
  • Open the NKI extracted file in Contact.
  • You should end with a folder structure like this:

Q: I’ve extracted all the files, but Kontakt complains about missing files, what can I do?

A: Please use the extracts above, for two main reasons:

  • Some RAR extractors do not support multipart archives, RAR files split into many parts, and they can not extract files correctly from those archives.
  • Some extractors incorrectly create some unnecessary sub-folders folders that unable Kontakt to correctly find the samples. In particular often the “Product Name” Patch.rar ends in a sub folder while it should stay in the main folder of the library.

Q: I’ve bought a library, but I do not like it. Can I get a refund?

A: Since our libraries are just a collection of samples and not proper software that we can eventually deactivate, we can not, unfortunately, refund a library once it has been purchased.

Q: I’ve bought a library, but there’s a bug, what can I do?

A: We usually test our libraries deeply, before their release. But it can happen that something does not work as expected. In that case please check the manual before, to see if it’s really an unusual behavior of the instrument and then eventually contact us to report the unwanted behavior.

We can usually provide a fix for the user if it’s a specific need or eventually release an update for a widespread issue or feature wish.


The Mod Pack is pure fun to use, these effects are not a simple re-issue of some classics, but expand the possibilities of the chorus, flanger, and phaser effects making them ideal companions for sound designers too. Native Instruments crack price is fair for what the pack offers. Choral is a personal favorite for its warm sound and for the four different algorithms that permit to choose the balance between warmth and clarity. The Scatter mode in Feedback is especially interesting.

Native Instruments ’Mod Pack is available for both PC and MAC platforms, all formats at the price of € 69.00 EUR. You install Choral, Phasis and Flair from the Native Access application, which is an easy way to manage all the installation and the plug-in updates. A while ago NI offered Phasis for free for a limited time, that’s why the price is € 49.00 EUR for an upgrade for Phasis owners. The Mod Pack is also included in Komplete 12.

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