PerfectTUNES R3.3 v3.3.0. Crack With Torrent Key Free Download 2022

PerfectTUNES full Crack is a multi-purpose music file manager that enables you to find album artwork, check your music folders for duplicates and scan your songs for ripping errors. PerfectTUNES comes as a software bundle, containing three applications that deal with each function individually.Album Art is the PerfectTUNES component that handles album covers and artwork. It is capable to identify and list the albums contained in your music folder, by reading each file’s metadata, and display them along with their cover art.

If a file does not contain album artwork, the software can browse the Internet and find PerfectTUNES Serial Key for you. Once you have chosen an image, from among the results of the search, you can save it to your computer and the software automatically assigns it to the proper file. You can easily load another music folder and let Album Art analyze new songs.

De-Dup is the component that deals with song duplicates, being able to identify them by the title, duration, format and sound quality. PerfectTUNES Activation Key can display the similar files in bundles, so that it is easier for you to analyze them.De-Dup places the file you most likely wish to keep as first option at the top of each duplicate list. It is usually the file that stores the best audio quality. You can keep the rest of the duplicate files or delete them.


PerfectTUNES R3 Crack Serial Key Download If the file does not contain album art, the program can browse the Internet and find it for you. After selecting an image from the search results, you can save it to your computer and the program will automatically assign it to the appropriate file. You can easily download other music files and let the album art analyze the new music. De-Dup is a component that handles duplicate songs and identifies them by title, duration, format, and audio quality. It can display similar files in a package, which makes it easy to analyze them.


  • Album Art automatically add missing covers
  • DeDup remove duplicate tracks
  • ID Tags edit metadata
  • One tag editor, 4 ways of editing
  • AccurateRip check lossless tracks for ripping errors


Can you add my software to AlternativeTo?

You can add it yourself 🙂 Just sign up for an account, it’s super simple.

When you’re registered, you just click the “Add an application” button on the homepage. If you want to suggest your application to be added as an alternative to any other then just search for that app and click the “Suggest alternative” button in the gear menu.

How long will it take for an app I submitted to be approved?

Usually it takes between a couple of days and up to a week. We have limited resources but we always try our best to approve apps as fast as possible.

I’m the developer or owner of an application you list, how can I update its info?

Just create an AlternativeTo account and then email us at [email protected] and tell us what username you’re using. Also provide us with info about what application you want to get admin rights for and some kind of proof that you own the application. For example, you can send the email from a domain that is used by the application.

What languages ​​are allowed?

English is the only language used on AlternativeTo at the moment. All applications added to the database must also support the English language. We think it will be really messy for the majority of our users if we allow apps in other languages ​​since it will be very hard to manage.


PerfectTUNES Crack is an intuitive, yet easy to use tool, that enables you to organize your music albums and files, deleter the corrupted songs or erase duplicates. You can use its functions in order to clean your music folders as well as to find quality cover artwork for each of your albums.

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