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ProDAD Mercalli Crack V5 SAL + is a standalone video stabilization software that automatically analyzes and stabilizes footage that suffers from bumps, shakes, and shaky camera shake. It also corrects various image artifacts caused by the dreaded rolling shutter effect that affects CMOS sensors. Correction is an automatic process and the software can correct multiple types of artifacts in the same footage. Mercalli V4 SAL + is compatible with Windows systems. A 3-dimensional stabilization process independently stabilizes the X, Y, and Z camera axes to further correct for shaky shooting, and a feature called Dynamic Camera Options lets you control the level of stabilization from scene to scene. . Where stabilization is commonly performed by enlarging an image beyond its original edges, the “SmartBorder” technology in Mercalli V4 SAL + reduces the need to zoom during stabilization, leaving the edges of the original video intact. The deviation is corrected by a function called Roller Shutter Compensation.

No matter what sport, no matter what type of filming, no matter what type of camera you are using, you hope and hope that your videos will look like your real experiences! And what do you get instead?
Shaky and distorted images But that was yesterday, this is today: you take care of the shooting, then ProDAD Mercalli Crack V5 SAL Serial Key optimizes the footage for you! Video stabilizer, roller shutter and CMOS correction for any action camera, camera phone or camcorder. And it doesn’t matter if it’s the vibration of the vehicle’s engine or an uneven surface that’s causing the faulty image: Mercalli handles jelly, vibration, and distortion. individually and in combination! Compared to the internal stabilizer of a camera, Mercalli V5 + clearly produces a superior result and allows a wider angle of view.

With its additional features (comprehensive CMOS correction and further optimization in 3-axis stabilization) with Version 5+, you can expect the most powerful Mercalli yet. Forget worrying about vibrations, jolts, or complicated mounting devices. Don’t get frustrated with expensive or heavy gyros or gimbals, which can’t eliminate CMOS distortions and shorten battery life (if you’re shooting from an airplane / helicopter) due to the added weight. Don’t bother with camera stabilization, which only lowers video resolution, often does suboptimal stabilization work, and can’t correct for CMOS distortions. Just mount the camera wherever you want on what you want and focus on getting that great shot; leave the stabilization and distortion corrections to Mercalli V5 SAL +. Enjoy the best stabilization available. Mercalli is an ideal companion product to other specialized proDAD Mercalli License Key tools such as ReSpeedr for slomo and timelapse sequences and DeFishr for automatic fisheye correction to further optimize and enhance videos.


Free Download ProDAD Mercalli Crack Free Download V5 SAL + 5 full version offline standalone installer for Windows that has the perfect tools for video editing and optimization. Mercalli V5 SAL + Video Stabilizer + CMOS Correction in one package. It doesn’t matter what sport, it doesn’t matter what kind of shooting, it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you’re using. You wait and hope your videos look like your real experiences! And what do you get instead? Shaky and distorted images.

ProDAD Mercalli Crack Free Download is a very useful and intuitive application for video stabilization, now also equipped with Rolling Shutter and CMOS Correction. This application detects and distinguishes between vibrations and movements. Helps you stabilize shaky video recording during post-processing. The software has been equipped with a simple and straightforward interface that allows you to import files into the workbench using the integrated browse button or drag-and-drop functionality. It has a complete help guide in case you need to know the capabilities of the program. You can preview the videos in the main window and you can pause or stop the clips and you can also jump to a specific frame through a built-in timeline. You can view the analysis of the recorded video and this application will give you suggestions to further improve the video.


  • Much improved video stabilization, faster and more efficient than ever
  • Unique, fully automatic CMOS correction for skew, wobble, and jelly
  • The most refined and efficient 3D stabilization (stabilization of the X, Y and Z axes)
  • Optical deformation image stabilization function (fisheye distortions do not disturb the stabilization process)
  • No need to remove wide angle distortions: therefore faster rendering and less zoom
  • Many cameras are supported. Universal profiles included too
  • Dynamic zoom reduction (significantly reduces the need to zoom in)
  • Improved edge boundary settings, which also reduces the need to zoom in
  • The degree of sharpness can be easily selected during editing
  • Improved options that determine camera shake
  • Simple storyboard function for combined export of clips


Send an email to proDAD. We would like the application protocol to help speed up. How do you find the protocol file?

A small tool will list all the protocols on your system. How to use: Launch the little tool (Link # 1) and send us the .gz file. Problem: If the tool does not start, install Microsoft NET 2.0 (link # 2). Note: Ideally, you should send us your request through the “Help” menu of the program, in case of problems send an email …. Then the installation and user protocol is also automatically sent to us as a zip file . You do not need to do anything else. By the way, the transferred data does not include any personal information.

How fast is a system using GPU rendering?

In some systems, the CPU (Central Processing Unit), located on the motherboard, is responsible for overall graphics / video processing. If there is no graphics card installed, all graphics or video processing must be done by the CPU.
In a system with a modern graphics card installed, the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) takes over the processing load for much of the specialized graphics operations. A GPU sits on the graphics card and acts as a coprocessor, along with the CPU. As a general rule of thumb, the speed and efficiency of a GPU often depends on its age. Modern graphics cards that include newer GPUs typically run much faster than older graphics cards.
To evaluate the processor load, “Process Explorer v10.21” has been used.
In the examples below we use VitaScene (preset # 47) to compare performance


proDAD Mercalli Full Cracked is a very useful tool for removing the effects of shake and camera shake from your personal videos. However, I find the price to be a bit over the top, and while it provides detailed documentation, it does take some time to learn how to work with its tools.

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