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Prosoft Data Rescue Crack has a long and distinguished reputation among data recovery software. Its latest version of Windows, Prosoft Data Rescue Crack PC4, is fast and powerful. Its interface is suitable for technicians and anyone else who is paid by the hour to recover files, but it is not as suitable for real-world users who need to recover a deleted file as quickly as possible. However, under the hood, Prosoft performed extremely well in finding deleted files, although it was unable to identify some of the files it found in a way that allows non-technical users to find out what those files are. It’s a very good app, but the Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery and Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery editors options are our top picks for Windows data recovery. Data Rescue Keygen PC4 has no time limit on its use, unlike the annual licenses required by Ontrack EasyRecovery and Seagate Premium Recovery Suite, but it can only be used on five disk drives, unless you purchase a $ 299 Professional license per year, which has no usage limits. Prosoft doesn’t include an option to safely delete data, a feature included in most rival products, but again, you probably don’t absolutely need that feature in an application designed to recover data. Like Ontrack and Seagate, Prosoft offers a high-priced mailing service that attempts to recover data from physical drives. For Apple fans, we also reviewed the $ 99 Mac version of Prosoft Data Recovery. There is more information on the mailing service and the Mac version below.

When you start Data Rescue Serial Key PC4, it presents a laconic menu listing your current drives, and in most cases you simply select a drive that you want to scan for lost data. A dialog box asks if you want a quick or deep scan, and like all the other products we tested, you will almost certainly want a deep scan because a quick scan is unlikely to find the deleted files you want. Data Rescue Serial Key PC4 now begins to scan the drive. An Advanced button optionally displays technical data about the exact location being scanned on the drive, but it probably has no use for this kind of detail. At the end of the scan, the application displays a confusing menu of different items that you can see, but if you choose Files Found from this menu, you will get what you are looking for: a clearly arranged menu of document types. When I tested Prosoft Data Rescue Product Key on a traditional spinning hard drive, where I deleted a batch of files and then emptied the Recycle Bin, it instantly found all the deleted files. It didn’t make it easy to locate files in a densely cluttered, tree-structured list of files it found, and I had to use the application’s Find tool to search for files by name or extension. However, once I found one of the files I was looking for in the menu, it was easy to see the rest. Prosoft Data Rescue Full Version Key won’t win any awards for its interface, but the information you need is there, if you know how to find it.

I also ran a similar test on a solid state drive (SSD). Here, Data Rescue License key, like the other file recovery apps I tried, claimed to find all my deleted files, but when I recovered the files to disk, each and every one of them was corrupt and unusable. This is exactly the performance I was hoping for with an SSD, and no other service did it better. When I tested Data Rescue License key with a USB flash drive that I reformatted after copying a dozen files to it, Data Rescue Activation Key deep scan option found all deleted files. Only Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery achieved this performance. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery came close, but only found 11 out of 12 files. Like these other apps, Data Rescue Activation Key listed these files in a tree-structured screen divided into Files, Pictures, and Documents, but did not provide a preview pane like Stellar Phoenix, and fell short of Ontrack in identifying file types. . Data Rescue’s deep analysis identified the two recovered Word DOCX files simply as ZIP files, not documents, and gave no indication that a file named “” was actually a Word file. In contrast, the quick scan option that I was able to use with a traditional spinning hard drive correctly identified DOCX files. There is a reason why the deep scan did not recognize DOCX files: Actually DOCX files are ZIP files, but every operation and any other data recovery software we tested, recognizes and displays them as DOCX documents, using the identification data included in the file.


Free download Prosoft Download Prosoft Data Rescue Full Version Professional 6 for Windows PC. It is faster and more robust data recovery software for IT professionals and business use. Recover more files, receive progress notifications, and much more. Have you accidentally deleted or lost important files? Or your external or internal disk no longer appears / responds? Our data recovery software can get back those priceless photos or videos and important business or school documents for you with a few simple steps. Data Rescue Professional is cross-compatible data recovery software designed for IT professionals and business use. Scan and recover from a multitude of devices, including hard drives, solid state drives, SD cards, CF cards, USB drives, and more. Our professional data recovery software makes performing and managing enterprise-level data recovery a simple task. With new design, features and functionality, Data Rescue is the most comprehensive and robust data recovery software for business environments. With over 150 industry awards since 2002, you are gaining dedicated recovery software refined through success and experience. Data Rescue (purchased or demo) also comes with full support in the US We’re here for you, from download to recovery.

Prosoft Data Rescue 6.0.2 Crack Download for PC is a hard drive recovery software that can recover your photos, videos, documents from: damaged, damaged or unmountable hard drives. Accidentally reformatted hard drive or reinstalled OS. Previous deletion, damaged or missing files. Prosoft Data Rescue 6.0.2 Crack Download is easy-to-use hard drive and file recovery software. It works when other computer recovery software has failed. A powerful new feature found in Prosoft Data Rescue 6.0.2 Crack Download for Windows is BootWell. Your PC’s main hard drive (sometimes referred to as the Main HD or Boot Drive) is where all the files on your computer are stored. When there is a problem with this hard drive, it can be very difficult, frustrating and time consuming to get back those files. BootWell is a brand new feature that makes recovering your primary hard drive simple, fast, and easy.


  • Find files instantly with infinite search fields and new search criteria options
  • Save storage space by excluding duplicate files from your recovery
  • View files from your scan before recovering them
  • Recover more files than ever before without improved file support
  • Recover your Time Machine backups without duplicates of the same file
  • Receive email updates on your current or completed scans


Is Data Rescue Safe?

Yes, Data Rescue is safe. It is a recovery tool developed by Prosoft Engineering and has been extensively reviewed.

How long does Data Rescue take to scan?

The quick scan that Data Rescue offers is considerably faster than the deep scan. Scan times will depend on the size of the disc being scanned. The larger the size, the more there is to scan. According to Prosoft, deep analysis typically takes three minutes per gigabyte.

Is Data Rescue legit?

Data recovery is never a sure thing. That being said, Data Rescue 5 performed very well in our tests. It not only recovered files that we had purposely deleted for testing purposes, but also several gigabytes of deleted files from years before.

What is Data Rescue?

In computing, data recovery is a process of recovering inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from secondary storage, removable media or files, when the data stored on them cannot be accessed on a regular basis.


Prosoft Data Rescue Full Cracked is certainly a program that deserves the attention of users looking for a reliable data recovery solution, but the feeling of disappointment is hard to miss. It would have been better if Prosoft had concentrated on creating an application with a single, simple interface rather than providing two separate modes, although there are extras like being able to save multiple scans, advanced search tools, and the virtual RAID feature that comes with the mode. professional are all highly appreciated. Fortunately, the default mode isn’t bad, especially when it comes to setting up scans and performing data recovery, but issues like the limited number of drives that can be scanned in Data Rescue Standard are enough to ruin the experience. It’s a bit embarrassing though, because all that would be needed is eliminating this handful of problems, as well as needing a massive price cut, and Prosoft’s software could definitely be a leading solution.

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