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PSP oldTimerMB Crack is a vintage-style multiband compressor designed for demanding track processing, mixing / bus compression, and mastering. Our goal in developing this plugin was to design a high-end multiband processor based on the algorithm of our best-selling PSP oldTimer compressor. The result is a warm, musical sound processor with a range of controls that make it a vital tool for virtually any type of music. The adjustable and switchable output valve emulation stage lets you choose additional colors for your sound. Released in 2010, the original PSP Audioware PSP oldTimer still ranks as one of our favorite classic-style “analog” compressor plugins. It was followed in 2011 by the more versatile PSP oldTimer ME, and now, almost a decade later, there’s a, uh, new oldTimer on the block in the form of the MB edition (VST / AU / AAX / RTAS). This is essentially an oldTimer ME multiband PSP, stockpiling three frequency-limited instances of the compressor for more complex dynamics processing tasks than the ME single-band could handle.

The PSP oldTimer MB GUI simply replicates and splits the PSP oldTimer ME control set (plus some new additions) between three individual bands and the required global parameters. Each band (high, mid and low) houses the ratio, compression (threshold), gain, attack, release and offset width knobs, as well as switches for Solo and Mute, band bypass and on / off, and two automatic release modes. . Of these, Width, Auto Release mode 2, and obviously Solo / Mute are completely new in the MB version. The width balances the mid and side signals from 100% mid (ie mono) fully counterclockwise, to 50/50 in the center. , 200% clockwise on the side; and Auto Release 2 mode complements the original PSP oldTimerMB Serial Key Auto setup with an analog modeling alternative. The Solo / Mute switches are useful for isolating individual bands or removing them from the output for listening purposes, of course. The global section at the bottom is where you mix the overall dry / wet mix, pan the output, dial valve saturation (a new algorithm with a continuous pot, rather than stepped), switch between stereo, left, right, middle and side channel processing (two instances are required for operation on the middle side and independent from left to right), and check the high pass side chain filter (up to 1 kHz).

The latter adds a channel link control, but sadly, there is no external sidechain input yet. The two leftmost knobs control the crossover frequencies of the band. The low / mid split ranges from 60Hz to 1.2kHz, the mid / high falls anywhere between 1.2 and 12kHz, and there are three attenuation slopes available: 6, 12, and 24dB / octave. New school producers may worry about the lack of an interactive spectrum display for adjusting crossover frequencies, but there’s a lot to be said for using knobs to set band splits – it forces you to trust what they’re telling you. your ears, not your eyes. We fully approve. Unsurprisingly, PSP oldTimerMB License Key MB sounds every bit of Release 2 mode aside) unchanged in terms of response, with the same ‘over easy’ dbx-style transfer characteristics down to 1.5: 1, and a smooth knee in ratios. higher (up to 10: 1). However, the multiband setup obviously makes it much more flexible on drums, group channels, and the master bus, and while you could replicate the functionality by stockpiling three leaked oldTimer ME PSPs in your DAW, MB crossovers play a role in the performance. sound, and the convenience of the thing is undeniable. Powerful, versatile and palpably “vintage”, PSP oldTimer MB scales the established architecture of PSP oldTimer without compromising its sound or spirit in the process.


Free download PSPaudioware PSP oldTimerMBfull standalone offline installer version for Windows, is a vintage style multiband compressor. It’s a vintage-style multiband compressor designed for demanding track processing, mix and bus compression, and mastering. (VST, VST3, AudioUnit, AAX and RTAS plug-in) Our goal in developing this plug-in was to design a high-end multi-band processor based on the algorithm of our old best-selling PSP compressor. The result is a warm, musical sound processor with a range of controls that make it a vital tool for virtually any type of music. The adjustable and switchable outlet valve emulation gives you an additional color option to the sound. Thank you, and enjoy the versatility and quality of PSP oldTimerMB. Available for download, PSPAudioWare PSP oldTimerMB is a plug-in designed for use in professional audio mixing applications. The software is designed to bring the warm sound of traditional analog compression to the world of multi-band dynamics processing.

You will notice that this plug-in allows you to process signals in three bands: low, medium, and high. You can change their crossover frequencies, as well as the order of the crossover filters. With ratio controls going up to 10: 1, you can achieve high degrees of multiband compression. The algorithm used for this plugin comes from PSP oldTimer, a compressor known for its smooth and vibrant sound. It has been enhanced with various controls not found in the predecessor. For example, you can process the sound in stereo, mono, or M / S modes. You can adjust the apparent width of each band with a dedicated width knob per band. Also, you will see a valve emulation section to mark more characters and colors in the output signal. This software is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms. It will work in AU, VST, AAX and RTAS formats. An iLok account and the iLok License Manager application are required to operate this software, although the iLok key itself is not required.


  • Three bands
  • Perfect for mastering and mix / submix processing
  • Crossover Filter Adjustable Cutoff Slope
  • Vintage style and classic sound
  • Stereo width controls per band
  • Classic soft knee compression features
  • Valve stage to inject extra heat and fizz


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It is a very impressive application. If you’ve ever wanted a multi-band version of the classic PSP compressor, PSP oldTimer MB won’t let you down.

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