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MemPro is a C++ memory profiler. MemPro runs on Windows platforms, but can connect to and profile applications on almost any platform. MemPro particularly stands out from other C++ memory profilers for its ability to handle very large data sets.Integrate MemPro into your codebase in minutes – simply add MemPro.cpp/h into your code and you will be able to connect to your application with MemPro. Once connected MemPro full Crack allows you to visualise your memory usage in a number of different ways.

MemPro can handle massive data sets. Profiles of trillions of allocations are not uncommon. MemPro is also perfect for profiling real-time applications such as games because of its minimal overhead. Because all of the processing is offline, MemPro Keygen key can track thousands of allocations per second without noticeable slowdown.MemPro supplies two macros: MEMPRO_TRACK_ALLOC(p, size) and MEMPRO_TRACK_FREE(p). For ease of use MemPro automatically overrides the global new and delete operators and adds these macros, but if you have your own allocation routines then you can add the macros yourself as needed. MemPro records the callstack of every allocation, and all of the data is sent over the network to MemPro.

MemPro processes the data offline. All the current live allocations are tracked. When a matching free is found the allocation is removed. MemPro full Version key also stores an entire history of all allocations and frees which allows for retrospective snapshots and rewinding of memory.All of the symbol lookups are done by MemPro, which keeps the overhead in your application to a minimum. MemPro will read the symbol files for your application and display the callstacks.The main way of viewing data in MemPro is to take a snapshot at a specific point in time. This shows you all of the allocations that are live at that point. You can this view the data in multiple ways, such as the calltree view and the types view.


Puredev MemPro is a record memory C ++. Puredev MemPro free Downloads running on the Windows platform, but can connect and configure the application on almost every platform. MemPro is particularly striking in comparison with the the memory C ++ other because of the ability to handle the very large data set. Integrated Puredev MemPro to base your code in minutes – just add MemPro.cpp / h into your code and you will be able to connect with your app with MemPro. After the connection MemPro allows you to visualize the use of his memory in a number of different ways.

Puredev MemPro can handle large data sets. Profile of trillions of allocation is not uncommon. MemPro also perfect to shape the real-time application such as games for minimal cost. Because all process is online, MemPro can track thousands of allocations per second, which is not slowed down noticeably.


  • Full memory breakdown of your application
  • Multiple views of the data
  • Easily find and fix memory leaks
  • Subtract one snapshot from another
  • Rewind memory
  • Virtual memory layout visualisation
  • Visualise memory fragmentation
  • Profile applications of any size quickly and efficiently


No symbols have loaded, all I get is addresses in the callstack view, how do I fix this?

Answer: The first thing to do is to check the output window (View menu -> Show Output Window). The pdb may have failed to load because it couldn’t be found or because its signature didn’t match the executable. MemPro will only load pdb files if they exactly match the signature of the executable. MemPro will automatically detect where the pdb file was compiled to, and try to load it from there. If the pdb file is not there (it was compiled on another machine for example) you can add the path of the pdb file to the symbols search paths (Settings menu -> Symbols …).

My App crashes during global initialisation when linked to MemProLib?

Answer: This is probably due to the initialisation of windows sockets. In MemPro.h increase the MEMPRO_INIT_DELAY. MemPro will wait for this number of ms before initialising the winsock. All allocations will be stored in a temporary buffer until winsock has been initialised. Failing that you can use MemPro in offline mode by defining WRITE_DUMP. MemPro will write out to a file instead of sending data over TCP. This file can then be loaded up in MemPro.

Does MemPro work with 64Bit apps?

Answer: Yes. Both the x86 and x64 versions of MemPro can now profile 64bit apps …

Which version should I use, x86 or x64?

Answer: Both the versions can profile x86 or x64 bit apps, they are entirely equivalent. You can even load up mempro files saved from one version into the other. If you have a 64bit OS I recommend the 64bit version simply because large profiles can sometimes take up more than 3Gb of memory.


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