Red Giant Effects Suite 11.1.13 (x64) With Crack

Red Giant Effects Suite full Crack gives you the ability to generate stunning visual effects. Create realistic CGI water, stylized fire, unique glows and much more. With the addition of compositing tools for cleaning up a key, as well as plugins for adding shadows and reflections to your elements, you’re ready to take on your next VFX shot.Red Giant Effects Suite is a set of 9 tools that have served the visual effects community for years, delivering the creative freedom to produce professional effects. Get 3D Lens Flares for Motion Graphics and VFX with Knoll Light Factory from Effects Suite. The plugin was created by Industrial Light & Magic’s John Knoll and has over 100 fully customizable presets. Knoll Light Factory is After Effects camera-aware and flares can be linked to lights in 3D space.

Red Giant Effects Suite License key features a variety of tools providing a wide range of capabilities. Create believable and dramatic lens flares using Knoll Light Factory. PlaneSpace manages complex comps using 3D layers, including video as a layer, to create 3D shapes. You can use Psunami to create realistic and dramatic water effects, and use the Holomatrix plug-in to create holographic looking effects. Image Lounge is a series of filters for adding impact to your footage, while Composite Wizard provides you tools to gain control over difficult to key shots. The Warp toolsets allows you to easily work with warped footage and bring it seamlessly into your composite. ToonIt adds a variety of cartoonish looks to your footage, giving you the rotoscope effects, without the rotoscope process. The included Text anarchy toolset gives you control over text, write on / write off, control letters individually, or create a background using text.

Red Giant Effects Suite Serial key teamed with John Knoll to update the lens flare engine he developed to create realistic lens flare effects, glints, and reflections to films. The plug-in now supports 32-bit color for more photorealistic flares, and no banding artifacts. It ships with more than 100 presets that you can customize and save. You can also build your own lens flares with the built-in lens designer. Settings are keyframeable, so you can animate and tweak your flare effect. Included in Knoll Light Factory are pre-built animation behaviors that can spare you from building your own animations. The plug-in works in 3D space, interacting with After Effects 3D lights, allowing you to move and sync flares in 3D space for improved realism.


Free Download Red Giant Effects Suite 11 for Windows PC it includes Knoll Light Factory, a powerful plugin for building 3D camera-aware lens flares. Created by Industrial Light & Magic’s John Knoll, and packed with over a hundred lens flare presets to get you started, every shot can look like hollywood magic.

Red Giant Effects Suite 11 is an electronic download of a suite of plug-ins for creating 3D shapes and VFX. This version is a volume license, requiring a minimum purchase of 12 units. You can mix and match activations between Mac and Windows, and the plug-in can reside on a network. The suite supports both Windows and Mac platforms, and works with select versions of Adobe After Effects, individual plug-ins may also support select versions of Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Apple Motion


  • Get 3D Lens Flares for Motion Graphics and VFX with Knoll Light Factory.
  • With Composite Wizard you can remove unwanted artifacts, then use light and color tools to finish your composite.
  • Give video the look of a cartoon, comic book or painting with ToonIt.
  • With Holomatrix II, you can create sci-fi holograms, digital distortion, bad reception and enhancement for UI and HUD elements.
  • Psunami gives you easy animation options to create a wide variety of water environments.
  • With Image Lounge you can add realistic touches using shadows, displacement, and blur/focus effects.
  • Warp from Effects Suite lets you create shadows, reflections, glows, and corner pinning.
  • Text Anarchy is a set of automated animation tools for text and more. Move text in grids, lines, spirals or other paths.
  • Instantly arrange and animate 3D layers in After Effects with PlaneSpace.


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When did Maxon buy red giant?

Friedrichsdorf, Germany – February 18, 2020 – Maxon, the developers of professional 3D software solutions and Red Giant creators of unique tools for editors, VFX artists, and motion designers, are pleased to announce the completion of all financial and regulatory agreements required to complete their merger.

How can I get a free red giant?

How to get a free Red Giant Complete license if you are a student, teacher or faculty member:
School or organization ID or any proof of current employment or enrollment may be used for verification.
Send your academic verification to [email protected].
Wait for approval via email before purchasing.

What is Magic Bullet Suite?

Magic Bullet Suite is a complete set of plugins that gives you everything you need to make your footage look great, right on your editing timeline. Balance out your shots with powerful color adjustments. Then, go beyond color correction, with accurate simulations of lens filters and film stocks.


The Red Giant VFX Suite Crack is a welcome update to a number of ageing products.  Primatte and Knoll Light Factory provide the obvious core value of the suite, while Shadow and Reflection are the least exciting but still very valuable and capable tools.  I wouldn’t be surprised if, over the course of a year, the Shadow plugin was the most used, even though it won’t be grabbing any headlines.

The new Chromatic Displacement effect will find uses for both realistic effects (think heat haze) and all sorts of sci-fi weaponry. The King Pin Tracker and the Spot Clone Tracker both provide a simpler alternative for cleaning and tracking tasks that are already possible with After Effects, but only with more difficulty.  I’m still slightly stumped as to why Red Giant wrote their own planar tracker when Mocha is bundled with AE, but then again I’ve always been equally stumped as to why Mocha is routinely overlooked by After Effects users who are so quick to complain about the basic AE point tracker.  Maybe having such a capable tracker built-in to a plugin is what they’ve been wanting.  If so, then kudos to Red Giant for understanding the market and meeting the demand.

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