Sampleson Things Intuitive Synthesizer v1.0.3 x64 With Crack

THINGS allows you to create hi-quality synth sounds even if you have zero experience in synthesis. Sampleson Things Intuitive Synthesizer full Crack implemented what they called “Descriptors” which are objects and ideas that will help you understand the effect of a knob and the kind of sound it will produce.All of the parameters can be assigned to a CC contoller (right-click over the desired slider/knob) and automatable via DAW.

Sampleson Things Intuitive Synthesizer License key sort of like a mix of 6 sounds engines where each one has a fabulous looking macro infused interface for the simplest modulation of sound design. We have ARCADE which offers hollow synth sounds with controls over Softness, Time and Color ranging from soft beeps to longer sustained notes. Next is CRYSTAL with a glassy sound that delays and bounces. CLOUDS is a really nice polysynth sound that can sustain nicely. AIR blows modulated noise over everything while HORROR is strangely piano like and has a tendency to screech. And lastly ALIEN has a nice 8-bit feel that gets increasingly menancing the more aliens you add and the angrier you make them.

The interface is delightful and dead easy to use. Sampleson Things Intuitive Synthesizer Keygen key designed to open up sounds to those people less experienced with synthesizers and it certainly does the job. Mixing these sound engines together they combine in some very interesting ways. There’s also an editable arpeggiator and some built-in saturation, reverb and stereo width effects.For me, I feel it needs a master page where I could mix the 6 engines together without having to keep going back and forth from page to page. Also browsing the presets takes far too many clicks as you have to reopen the preset window every time you want to switch to a new patch. But otherwise it’s a load of fun and for a € 19 intro price it’s a very welcome distraction from serious synthesizers.


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  • 4 to 32 steps selector
  • Octave range switch
  • Note Shift automation
  • Note Velocity automation
  • Note Length automation
  • Arpeggio direction (4 modes)
  • Shuffle amount knob
  • Ignore key-down option
  • Sync to host and manual tempo


How many instruments are included with a library?

This depends! You may be purchasing a single solo instrument or your library may include various instruments, different orchestral sections, etc.

Always check what is included with your library to know how many instrument samples you will receive.

The more instruments in a library, the more expensive it may be. Many libraries feature music track demos performed by musicians so you can hear what your samples have the potential to sound like. You should listen to these before you make a purchase.

What VST plugins do professionals use?

Waves is a good place to start. They have plugins for everything but pay special attention to the Studio Classics Collection and the Abbey Road Collection. Sold State Logic (SSL) offers their entire range of high-end plugins for a monthly subscription. Another option is to use DSP hardware from Universal Audio to run plugins that appear in your DAW but don’t use up your computer’s CPU power. These are the sorts of plugin collections you’ll find in every professional studio.

That said, when working in a professional environment the plug-ins that get used the most are the ones that are going to do the job right for that project. Doesn’t matter if it’s a freeware plug-in or something very expensive: what’s important is that it’s appropriate to the task. But there are some collections of plugins that professionals wouldn’t be without, as they contain some of the best hardware emulations that would end up in almost every project.

What is the best Synth VST?

Serum by Xfer is generally considered to be the finest software synthesizer ever produced. It’s a VST Instrument that offers complex and versatile wavetable synthesis at an amazingly high level of quality. The interface makes it easy to edit sounds and start being creative and if you want to get down to the details you can get to every parameter and even import your own custom wavetables. It looks fabulous, sounds amazing, and has been winning awards for years.

Are pianos the only VST instruments?

Not at all – piano VSTs are just a small percentage of sampled sounds available.

VST instruments categorize as orchestral samples, synthesizers and electronic soundscapes, and rock or jazz band scenarios, as well as instrumental effects and sound design. This is why sample libraries can get expensive really fast when you need a full library of sampled orchestral sounds.

It is also why the use of an SSD will make your workflow faster and more efficient. Imagine loading a DAW template with thousands of samples; with an SSD, the load time for samples decreases greatly.


This Garritan Abbey Road VST is definitely our favorite. Sampleson Things Intuitive Synthesizer Crack truly feels as if you’re sitting in the studio at the piano. The clarity and overall sound quality of the instrument live on through the virtual sound. You can imagine how many music legends must have used this very same piano in their compositions at Abbey Road. If you haven’t worked with piano VST plugins before, don’t be put off by stories of MIDI problems and glitches. As long as you are running a system that exceeds the requirements of the plugin, you’ll be fine. When it comes to sound quality, we can confidently say that many VST’s outperform physical keyboards. But, like choosing any instrument, each VST excels in different areas, so always consider where and how you will be playing it most. Our list includes some of the best-selling and most realistic piano VST’s available, check them out and enjoy!

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