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Slate Digital full Crack contemporary Air can produce the “softest high frequencies” in your mixes
The novelty could be a processor for process high frequencies with 2 management controls.
The company guarantees that Slate Digital contemporary Air can produce “the softest treble you have ever detected, and while not a touch of sharpness.” Behind the easy interface hides AN audio engine that mixes a vintage exciter and a contemporary dynamic processor. The plugin is controlled by 2 handles: Brilliance and Shine.Despite the easy graphical interface and management with simply 2 knobs Brilliance and Shine, contemporary Air is ready to alter the higher a part of the spectrum for the higher.Add the smoothest high end you’ve ever heard without even a hint of harshness. Fresh Air is a dynamic high frequency processor that breathes new life into your mix with just two knobs. Fresh Air combines serious audio processing behind a gorgeous facade.

Based on vintage exciter circuits and advanced dynamics processing, Fresh Air lets you add just the right amount of brilliance & shine to your mix in simple interface you can start using right away. Put it on individual tracks or your entire mixbus— whatever you choose, the results will blow you away.Slate Digital says Fresh Air combines serious audio processing behind a gorgeous facade. Also, it is based on vintage exciter circuits and advanced dynamics processing, meaning you can add just the right amount of brilliance & shine to your mix in a simple and intuitive interface. It can be used in both mixing and mastering scenarios, on vocals, drums, and other instruments.

For a limited time, you can get Fresh Air for free – all you need is a valid email address to create an account at Slate Digital. Then you will be asked two simple questions (you select the answers), confirm your email, and next you will be prompted to use your existing iLok User ID to obtain the license. Yes, Fresh Air requires iLok License Manager (free) installed on your computer + iLok account. Please note an iLok USB dongle isn’t required, just iLok’s online account activation.


Slate Digital – Fresh Air VST brings you an extremely sophisticated tool for sound shaping and instrument creation, letting you create your own unique sounds that will enrich your projects. Through the package integration in your project users can create softest highs in their mix also access the control the output with the two control knobs, and high-frequency processor. It has a simple graphical interface and control of just two knobs with Shine and Brilliance. You can also download StudioPlug Uzi Wrld (Omnisphere) Free Download.

Slate Digital – Fresh Air VST plug-in is controlled by two knobs: Brilliance and Shine. The package comes with a straight-forward and simple interface offering self-explaining options to help you easily create otherworldly sound and tracks. It gives the user the ability to change the high end of the spectrum for the better. The interface includes an audio engine that combines a vintage exciter and a modern dynamics processor. The package delivers the softest treble you have ever heard and without a hint of harshness. You can also download GOGOi – Downtempo Lounge Vol 2 (SERUM) Free Download.


  • To kick things off, Fresh Air is an incredibly simple plugin, meaning we don’t need to roll out pages of information and tech specs.
  • Its GUI is nice and simple to understand with just 5 controls; power, mid-air, link, high-air and trim (gain compensation).
  • Fresh Air promises to give you “The smoothest high end you’ve ever heard without even a hint of harshness”.
  • If you don’t believe them, download it for FREE and put it to use on your own tracks to be absolutely gob smacked at this incredible plugin.
  • Based on a classic, Dolby-A noise reduction modified exciter, Fresh Air adds brilliance and excitement to your top end without a hint of brittleness. Slate Digital have combined several advanced parallel processing techniques to elevate individual tracks or an entire mix – and it’s all presented in a simple user interface.
  • The result is modern, transparent high-end processing with a vintage shine. Exactly what you hear on modern pop vocals for that top end sheen without any consequent harshness.


Is Slate Digital fresh air free?

As a user, though, all you need to do is adjust the Brilliance and Shine knobs. Easy. Available for PC and Mac in VST / AU / AAX formats, Fresh Air is completely free, though you will have to sign up for a Slate account. Find out more on the Slate Digital website, but don’t hang about as this is a limited time offer.

What does fresh air do slate?

Based on classic, Dolby-A noise reduction modded exciters, Fresh Air adds brilliance & excitement to your top end without even a hint of brittleness. We’ve combined several advanced parallel processes under the hood to magically elevate individual tracks or lift your entire mix with stunning clarity.

Is Slate Digital fresh air good?

It has excellent tonal quality and it imparts character on various elements in your mix, that you couldn’t get from EQ alone. It’s super lightweight on CPU too, even when pushed to its limits. Fresh Air has serious audio and advanced dynamics processing behind its simple interface, and it’s instantly usable.

How do I activate VST on fresh air?

Fresh Air can not be activated directly to your computer. The Fresh Air license can be activated either via iLok Cloud or iLok dongle. In order to activate Fresh Air via iLok Cloud, please update the iLok License Manager and open an iLok Cloud session (File->Open Cloud Session).


“Fresh Air” might not be the mixdown messiah one would have searched for their entire life (duh), but it is useful in smaller amounts. Of course it doesn’t directly rally against other paid alternatives, but it has the potential to shine under someone who won’t rely entirely on this plugin (more like a cherry on the top type scenario). So, I can recommend interested parties to play with it, perhaps it could be a worthy addition to your arsenal.

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