SmartEdit Pro for Word 8.0 Full Crack

SmartEdit Pro full crack is an expanded version of the SmartEdit for Word Add-In. It contains a number of extra features of use to professional editors. We define a professional editor as someone who edits the work of various different writers, often working on multiple books from assorted writers.

SmartEdit Pro License key contains report generating capabilities that allows you to generate Word and PDF reports based on the results generated by SmartEdit, as well as full report printing functionality. It also allows you to create Projects (one for each writer, book, or genré of book), and to apply different rules to these projects when running SmartEdit checks. More on this below.

The SmartEdit pro menu toolbar contains all the buttons and options you might be familiar with from SmartEdit for Word, along with “Create Report” and “Projects” sections.A trial version of SmartEdit Pro is not available, but sample reports are shown and linked to below for you to download and examine. The sample reports are fully automated and contain no editing on our side – these are exactly the type of reports produced by SmartEdit Pro.


Existing users of SmartEdit for Word can upgrade to SmartEdit Pro by clicking the “Upgrade” button on the SmartEdit toolbar inside Word. If you cannot see this button, you are either using a trial version of SmartEdit for Word or you are running an old version. If you are not running the latest version you should download it from the SmartEdit Download page

Clicking the upgrade button will take you to the purchase page with your existing SmartEdit for Word license key pre-filled. You can access the upgrade page directly but you will need to enter your license key manually to avail of the upgrade price: Upgrade page.Users who are new to SmartEdit can purchase a SmartEdit Pro license directly from the SmartEdit Buy page.


• Repeated words and phrases
• Over-use of adverbs and clichés
• Misused words such as breathe instead of breath
• Long and winding sentences
• Use of crutch words
• Unusual dialogue tags that shouldn’t be there
• Misnamed proper nouns that slipped past you
• Excessive use of semi-colons and exclamation marks


Will it work with Word on my Mac?

No, SmartEdit for Word is Windows only. Even if you have a Mac version of Word installed on your Mac, SmartEdit cannot be installed.

What are the system requirements?

SmartEdit for Word requires Windows 10, 8.1, or 7. Earlier versions of SmartEdit ran on Windows 8, Vista and XP, but Version 6 requires at least Windows 7 or 8.1.

What is the upgrade policy?

All upgrades are free for 12 months after purchase as long as you are upgrading inside the same product. There is no distinction made between minor and major upgrades. After the 12 month period, you can continue using the version you are using at that time, forever and at no extra or recurring charge, or you can purchase a further 12 months of upgrades, which will entitle you to upgrades for an additional 12 months.

SmartEdit for Word and SmartEdit Pro are two different products with different feature sets. Upgrading from one to the other is a paid upgrade, regardless of when you purchased SmartEdit for Word.

What is SmartEdit Writer?

SmartEdit Writer is free software for writers that we released in late 2017. In SmartEdit Writer you can plan your novel, prepare and maintain research material, then write that novel scene by scene in a modern Windows application that has a similar look and feel to Microsoft Word. In April 2019 we released the full editing functionality of SmartEdit Editor as part of SmartEdit Writer for free. You can find out more abour SmartEdit Writer here.


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