Softube Passive-Active Pack v2.5.10 With Crack

Swedish software designers Softube Passive-Active Pack Crack made their mark a couple of years ago with Vintage Amp Room, a guitar amp modeling plug-in. Since then, he has applied his DSP mastery to various designs, including the Abbey Road Brilliance Pack. The passive-active package continues into the EQ tip, containing three plug-ins, each with a specific angle. One is based on active circuitry (modeled on the Filtek Labo Mk5 desktop EQ) and the other on a passive design (modeled on the Neumann PEV 930 desktop EQ). The third, Focusing Equalizer, combines both types of circuits in a variable frequency design. It might seem a bit strange to launch a three-pack when you can simply combine all the options in one interface. Softube is candid about it, saying their goal was to recreate not only the sound but also the simplicity of classic analog designs, which certainly applies to both passive and active EQs. The first is the simplest, with three bands: low shelf, high shelf, and mid-range presence. The two shelves are fixed (60Hz and 10kHz) and the midrange offers seven fixed frequencies (700Hz to 5.6kHz).

Both shelves have 3dB staggered cut and boost, with the presence boost only at 2dB gradations. The active EQ is more flexible, offering three slightly overlapping parametric bands and high and low cut filters (18dB / octave). Once again, the controls adjust the gain in steps (2dB this time), with a boost or cut of up to 16dB. To round things out, each parametric band has two Q settings: sharp and wide. The focus equalizer is more complex and can work in passive or active mode (based on the same modeled units). However, the three bands work differently. The upper and lower shelf bands are bracing only, with cutout or bracing for the midrange. These work in conjunction with the high and low cut filters, and moving the cut points of these really affects the EQ frequencies of all three bands. The complement is completed with a variable saturation control of three flavors. The Softube Passive-Active Pack License Key has true point-and-shoot simplicity. We found this to be particularly effective on acoustic guitar, with bracing in the low and high bands sticking out of the mids. In the typical passive style, you will also find that there is interaction between the bands and a sharp Q in the presence band as you reach maximum boost. It’s obviously not good for surgical tasks, but it’s a great choice for sweetening your masters or making extensive tonal changes. The Active EQ sounds completely different, emphasizing the difference in the underlying (virtual) circuitry. The per-band double-Q options allow for much more accurate EQ, and with 16dB to play with, we were able to completely reshape some test drum loops. The Narrow Q option offers particularly sharp results and is great for adding punch to lifeless kicks and traps. This plugin temporarily indicates the currently selected values ​​above the meters, something the passive EQ does not do. Finally, you’ll find that if you boost similar frequencies using two different bands, you won’t get crazy doubling of gain, and this helps keep overloads at bay.

With the same underlying active and passive algorithms as the other plugins, the focus EQ’s point of interest has to be its variable frequency system. Softube advises you to use the high / low cut filter sliders to set upper and lower limits for your sound, and this in turn dictates where the EQ bands operate: as you lower the range, the low / mid bands / highs move toward the target that area. The sound of the cutoff filters also follows the global active / passive setting, the passives being much softer (6dB / octave) than those in the active mode. The ‘slider’ display (which looks like an old school radio tuner) shows only the cutoff frequencies here; there are no other frequency indicators, and with no markings on the controls and no feedback above the meters, you really have to trust your ears. In fact, to investigate further, we even loaded a frequency analyzer. In practice, however, we found that Softube Passive-Active Pack Serial Key is better to treat these units like old-school hardware, tweaking until the sound is good, rather than obsessing over frequency values. Used in this way, the Focusing EQ offers all the flavor of the other two plug-ins, with more flexibility. Its overdrive effect is a winner too, with the Keep Low and Keep High settings helping you avoid damaging the low and high frequencies. It’s a shame there isn’t a clipping bypass switch, for easy A / B comparison.


Free Download Softube Passive-Active Pack 2 full version offline standalone installer for Windows, it is a collection of three very different equalizers. It’s a collection of three very different EQs, each with its own character and quirks. Together they form an excellent analog-style EQ toolbox as a secret weapon. The passive and active EQs emulate real workhorse units, used in thousands of recordings from past to present. An original Softube creation, the Focus EQ combines with analog saturation and a novel workflow to give you great sound and musical results every time. The passive-active package is a collection of three very different EQs, each with its own character and quirks. The passive and active EQs emulate real workhorse units, used in thousands of recordings from past to present. The Focus EQ combines these with analog sound saturation and a novel workflow.

File Name : Softube Passive-Active Pack v2.5.10
Release Date : January 11th, 2021
Supported OS : Windows 7/8/10


Passive EQ Features:

  • Three bands with an extremely wide and open sound
  • Excellent treble control without any “digital harshness”
  • Warm low end and a bright top

Active EQ Features:

  • Tight and focused sound filters
  • Low and high cut
  • Three parametric bands with selectable gain in 2dB steps (- / + 16 dB), selectable frequency with overlapping bands, but not interfering (50-500 Hz, 380Hz-3.8kHz, 1.8-18kHz) and a choice between a narrow or broad peak (Q) for each band.

Features Focus Equalizer Features:

  • Inspiring, non-traditional and very useful workflow
  • Choose between passive or active EQ character
  • Three-band EQ that switches automatically and musically with Low and High Cut
  • Saturation from a built-in knob with selectable saturation type and metering


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How is the product delivered?

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The Passive-Active Pack is a great work from Softube, designed with vision but also with the sound of some pretty rare kits in mind. Plus, the price is considerably more modest than comparable high-end analog emulations.

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