Syncdocs Portable 6.996.32.129 Crack With Keygen 2021

Syncdocs full Crack is a data backup, file synchronization and sharing application that keeps files, data and folders on a client workstation in sync with Google Docs online.Syncdocs is a software application that enables users to synch files and folders across client installed machines, create backups of data on the Google Docs cloud and share data with different users. Syncdocs is similar to Live Sync, which provides a data backup and file synchronization solution for Microsoft Office Web applications.

Syncdocs Keygen key provides a single user interface to save, synchronize and share data, files and folders with users on different PCs, devices and on Google Docs cloud storage. Sync docs supports Google Docs by default and is installed as an application on a client machine, selecting the required file and folders to be backed up and synchronizing the data on all the locations to ensure its integrity and originality.

Syncdocs Serial key works on most operating system and devices, and is accessible from the desktop, mobile devices and the Internet. It ensures authenticated access control on shared data with the customizable user permissions and editing policies. Syncdocs also supports version control and keeps previous versions of a file to revert back to changes if required.


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  • Share any file and folder with anyone you want
  • Easy sharing integration into Facebook, Twitter, GMail and LinkedIn
  • Full version history for all types of files. Go back in time to an older version or backup.
  • Multi-user versioning support on all document formats. See who made changes and when.
  • Get complete control over what and when you sync.
  • Select folders you want synced, do not sync folders that have been shared with you.
  • Sync multiple Google Docs and Apps accounts concurrently.
  • Only upload / only download
  • Scheduled backups to and from Google Docs and Google Drive
  • Create new Google Docs right from your desktop.
  • Save or Open Google Docs from inside Microsoft Office
  • Sync file permissions
  • Power user command-line


How much storage space is available?

  • This depends on two things: your Google account type and whether you convert your documents.
  • Google currently provides 5GB of quota to free users.  Google Apps for Business and Education (Premium accounts) default is also 5GB per domain user.
  • If you choose to convert your documents to Google Documents format, these do not count towards your quota.
  • Additional storage can be bought very cheaply from Google, for example 20GB costs $5 per year.

What file formats are supported?

  • Syncdocs supports syncing files of any format.
  • Google Docs supports editing and viewing of common Microsoft and Open Office formats.
  • Google Drive can view, but not edit, .pdf files, image files, and movies. 

Which method is best?

It depends on your own preferences.

Method 1 above is best for transferring many files and sub-folders, and keeping them organized in folders.  For example if you want to transfer your “My Documents” folder on your PC to Google Drive.

What PCs does the client run on?

The Syncdocs client software runs on Microsoft Windows XP and up. 

There is no native Mac or Linux version yet.  Syncdocs works well under Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux using the Wine or Crossover tools, though.


Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say Syncdocs Crack Portable is an efficient piece of software. It has a good response time, it does not hinder the computer’s performance and there are sufficient options to keep you busy for a while.

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