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Process Audio Sugar Crack is an entirely new harmonic exciter supplement that has been called “the best audio sweetener.” Launched in March 2019, Sugar is the first plug-in from Process.Audio, a company founded by the folks at pureMix. As such, Sugar is available for free with all pureMix Pro memberships and can be purchased separately for $ 149. In just a few short months, Sugar has earned the praise of several award-winning engineers, including Greg Wells, Darrell Thorp, Vance Powell, and more. With four bands of harmonic processing, selectable saturation types, variable filters, and an intuitive interface, Sugar makes it easy to obtain sounds that would normally require multiple high-end analog signal processors. Open Sugar and you will be greeted by a sleek black interface. That should be instantly familiar to those who have used multiband harmonic processors before. Monitor the frequency response of the incoming signal using the brightly colored multi-band bar graph.

Sweetening tracks with Sugar is quick and intuitive: just turn up one of the four bands labeled “Low”, “Medium”, “High” and “Air” to increase harmonic processing. Sugar features limited controls for a streamlined workflow; each of the four frequency bands offers two fixed positions designed to target frequencies that commonly cause mixing problems. Choose from “Thick” or “Punch” in the low band, “Warm” or “Wide” in the mid band, “Shine” or “Excite” in the high band and “Yin” or “Yang” in the air band. The manual suggests that you test the Yin and Yang settings each time you use the band to help avoid phase problems in the highly sensitive air frequency range. Each band also features a bypass setting for fast A / B-ing. In Process Audio Sugar License Key to the input level controls on the left and the output level controls on the right, you can adjust all four harmonic processing faders at once using the large bright knob in the center of the interface. Simply turn the jog wheel clockwise to increase the processing levels and counterclockwise to decrease them. On the left side of the jog wheel, there are controls for stereo and mid / side mode. On the right side, you will find the “FX ONLY” button, which allows you to monitor the wet signal and hear exactly what you are adding to the mix. Use the “LVL MGMT” button to automatically adjust the output level according to the amount of processing you apply to avoid spikes. At the bottom of the Sugar interface, you will find additional controls for adjusting your tone.

On the left, there are two linear phase filters to reduce bumps. On the right, you can control the amount and type of overdrive – choose Drive to add a bit of crunch, Distortion for aggressive sounding distortion, and Crush to totally erase your signal. Sugar is an analog-inspired audio sweetener, bringing a modern digital approach to the kinds of sounds you’d expect to hear from an Aphex Aural Exciter processor, or the old ‘Dolby A trick’, a processing option that used Dolby noise. A -down encoder to enhance the high end of a recording, creating a feeling of more air and clarity. Sugar starts with these sounds and opens up the creative options available to the mixing engineer, with control over four frequency bands, each with two different tonal color alternatives. Additionally, Process Audio Sugar Serial Key also has a built-in low and high pass filter, as well as an overdrive circuit with drive, distortion, and squish settings for everything from a little bit of tube driving to thunderous chaos.


Free Download Process Audio Sugar full version offline standalone installer for Windows, it is the best full spectrum audio sweetener. Designed by an award-winning team of engineers to deliver their most useful and essential harmonic enhancement techniques in one centralized plug-in. The resulting color palette is a quick path to professional-sounding records. This full spectrum enhancer will add strength, thickness, depth, warmth, edge, and grit to all your tracks. Process Audio: Sugar VST is a convenient sound processing package for musicians, producers, and composers that provides them with a rich set of creative tools to produce high-quality sounds. It’s a comprehensive application that provides you with a wide range of high-energy samples that truly inspire the soul in your productions with this energetic selection of samples.

Puts cutting-edge music production at your fingertips. You can also download New Loops – Universal Dune 3 Presets. Process Audio: Sugar VST is a fascinating collection of presets filled with wonderful and magical sounds that will inspire every creative step you take on your musical journey. The package is a shortcut to powerful kick drums, chunky basses, edgy snares, punchy guitars, airy and creamy vocals, warm mixes and sweeping masters, and more. Professional mixing engineers spend years perfecting techniques and processes to create the magical sounds audiences hear in finished recordings. Process Audio Sugar Activation Key is a unique collection of swatches that will inspire you and will be used in a wide variety of styles. You can also download Halfway & Based Gutta – Amplified.


  • Direct access to powerful kicks, drums, and more.
  • Modern and advanced techniques.
  • Combine with magical sounds.
  • Professional mixing technology.
  • Creamy vocals, punchy guitars, and more.


What is process audio?

PROCESS. AUDIO offers audio plugins created by professionals for professionals. Sugar never tasted so good This is a very useful and enjoyable add-on and a no-brainer if you don’t have a sonic sweetener in your add-on folder. Sugar is appropriately a kind of “suck it up and go” processor.

What is process audio sugar?

Process. Audio makes its debut with Sugar, a one-stop shop created to give your tracks that extra touch of sweetness. Sugar is a completely new harmonic exciter supplement that has been called “the best audio sweetener”. Released in March 2019, Sugar is the first add-on from Process.


Process Audio Sugar Crack is indeed an amazing plugin, created to perform many tasks in an attractive interface. CPU usage can be dangerous at times, but that’s not a deal breaker for such an easy-to-use beast. Be sure to check out the learning center here that Process.Audio has put together for more information on the individual uses of the plugin. He dives much more into the specific uses of sugar and explains them quite well. Currently, sugar is priced at $ 149; If you are interested in getting a copy, visit their webstore here.

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