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Enter EggHeadCafe’s free drawing (bottom of the page) to win a license of Redgate ANTS Performance Profiler Full Crack tool that enables developers to determine where their applications are really spending their time. ANTS Performance Profiler can be used either within the Visual Studio IDE or as a stand-alone application to analyze your application in its runtime environment.

You are a .Net developer, and your application is behaving poorly. One might think that having written the application yourself, you could diagnose the issues. Yet, real-world programs are complex enough that it’s unlikely even the application author himself can fully understand how the code performs under production use. You need a specialized tool to really find out what’s happening in your application, where, and how often.The Redgate ANTS Performance Profiler Serial key tool enables developers to determine where their applications are really spending their time. ANTS Performance Profiler can be used either within the Visual Studio IDE or as a stand-alone application to analyze your application in its runtime environment.

The latest .NET profiler features “attach to process”, giving developers a way to profile performance of a live website with little or no overhead to affect results.The ability to attach ANTS Performance Profiler License key to a live production ASP .NET website enables developers to profile performance without going offline, saving time and ensuring that profiling data reflects real-world user experience. It’s just one major addition to what Red Gate believes is the most complete .NET performance profiler ever.


Feel free to download ANTS Performance Profiler from our software portal, you’ve made the right choice. The version of this program being downloaded at the moment is It should be announced that you can download the trial version of the software, but the full edition is to be paid for. The setup package you are downloading is original and hasn’t been changed by our team.

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  • Although we didn’t explore them here, it’s worth mentioning a few other features the ANTS Performance Profiler gives you.
  • You now have the ability to analyze I/O performance on any SQL Queries triggered from .NET code.
  • This is a great way to help you examine your queries and stored procedures to speed up performance of complex database calls which you can test locally.
  • Once you flush out the bottlenecks, you can deploy the necessary changes to the server. ANTS also has now has the ability to check the performance of Unit Tests as part of the build process.
  • Unit tests are nothing more than code running outside your application, so there is certainly room for optimization in a unit test, especially if its slowing down your build and perhaps even your release cycle.


What is ants performance Profiler?

ANTS Performance Profiler is an application profiler for. NET desktop, ASP.NET, and ASP.NET MVC applications. It helps you debug your application quickly by giving you a complete picture of your application’s performance.

How do I use Ant profiler?

  • Setting up ANTS Performance Profiler
  • In the ANTS Performance Profiler start screen, select New profiling session then open the Web dev. Server – ASP.NET tab.
  • In ASP.NET web application (path), browse to the NerdDinner folder.
  • Choose the required profiling mode. …
  • Click.
  • The default browser launches and loads NerdDinner.

What is ANTS Memory Profiler?

ANTS Memory Profiler is the leading memory profiling tool, which helps identify the root cause of complex memory problems, optimize applications memory usage, and track down memory leaks.

How do you use dotMemory Jetbrains?

  • Step 1. Run dotMemory
  • Run dotMemory by using Windows Start menu. This will open the main dotMemory window. …
  • Select Local on the left panel and in Profile Application, choose Standalone application.
  • Now we should configure profiling session options. In the right panel: …
  • Click Run to start the profiling session.


If you are approaching the end of a .NET project, or if you are placed on an existing .Red Gate ANTS Performance Profilert Crack with low performing code, you need a tool in your arsenal that will help you flush out the areas of the code that are making it behave sluggishly. The ANTS Performance Profiler by Red Gate Software is certainly worth considering because of its ease of use and detailed display of the codes performance. As of this review, the profiler retails at $395. If you need to explore memory leaks or memory handling problems, Red Gate also sells an ANTS Memory Profiler for profiling memory usage by your application. If you are interested in test driving the ANTS Performance Profiler or any of the Red Gate Products, you can download a trial version and use it for 14-days. The trial version contains both the Performance Profiler and the Memory Profiler.

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