Softube Drawmer S73 2.5.9 With Crack

Released in 2015, the original Softube Drawmer Crack 1973 hardware is a multi-band mastering compressor that allows detailed control over its three bands and the crossover frequencies that divide them. The Softube plugin version (VST / AU / AAX) is condensed to give the flavor of the hardware without the potential minefield for the uninitiated to actually use it. Basically, you need ten multiband presets, called Styles, and it gives you a ‘plus or minus’ amount knob with which to adjust the depth of the applied processing. So multiband compression is very simple. In addition to the Styles and Quantity controls, there is an air switch that introduces the ultra-high frequency shelving boost so appreciated by mastering engineers. You also get a gain reduction meter ‘LED. ‘and old-school stereo VU meters for output level, a Mix knob for parallel compression, and a Gain knob to offset the output if necessary. It really couldn’t be easier to use – find a style that works and set the Quantity to suit you. If that’s beyond you, there are a number of pretty puny factory presets to work with!

Automatic ‘finisher-style’ multiband mastering processors can be very dangerous in the wrong hands and very easy to over-apply. They make source material sound louder, brighter, and therefore “better” by impression, but can actually destroy dynamics too easily, ruining the subtleties of the original musical intent. Softube Drawmer License Key calls the S73 a ‘Smart Mastering Processor’, suggesting that it somehow analyzes the incoming audio and tailors the settings to it. But no, what that really refers to is the combination of internal settings defined by the Style selection. The first thing you may notice when you insert S73 is that even with the Amount at 0, where you would not expect any change, there is a level rise that varies depending on the selected style, but can be up to 4 dB (with the soft compression style) . This has to do with the combination of varying initial band gains and makes it difficult to assess the merits of the styles. Raising the amount not only lowers the thresholds and therefore increases the gain reduction, but also modifies other behind-the-scenes parameters like attack and release at the same time to give a musically fluid change.

Pushing the amount in until the gain reduction shows around -3 to -6dB keeps things safe, but more than that and transient dynamics start to lose impact, even though the compression is so smooth it can definitely be used up to -10dB. The air switch is rather unsubtle in its ultra-high frequency provision, and it will probably be too much for reasonably balanced mixes. S73 sounds very smooth and helps bring clarity and other effective corrections to mixes. And of course, if you like the clarity added by one style and the width worked by another, there is nothing to stop you from stacking multiple instances. On the downside, the varying volume levels make A / B S73 very difficult in the knowledge that you’re not just making things louder – some memory slots for changing settings with matching output gains would be helpful. Softube Drawmer Serial Key is a semi-automatic mastering device that takes the pain out of multiband compression for those who are not trained in the technique. It does the job very well, but naturally you still need a good set of ears to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of overdoing it.


Free Download Softube Drawmer S73 2 Full Version Offline Standalone Installer For Windows, Shapes Your Mix With Clarity And Definition. For the mastering engineer, a multiband compressor is a powerful tool. But a multiband compressor that is not used diligently can create more problems than it solves. That’s why we created the Drawmer S73 smart master processor. Use it to shape your mix with clarity and definition that no normal compressor could provide. Softube – Drawmer S73 and Drawmer 1973 2021 is a set of 2 plugins including S73 Intelligent Master Processor and 1973 Multi-Band Compressor. Through these plugins, users can develop multiband compressors without knowing the operation. The package allows users to control processing via the Amount knob. Includes 10 preset styles for instant results, and also a VU measurement.

Softube – Drawmer S73 and Drawmer 1973 2021 have been bundled with Air Switch which activates the shelf’s high pass filter, it also gives access to Mix and Gain knobs for more control over the process. The processing package makes it easy for users to customize the sound output as desired, where they can re-share sounds, bringing more clarity, detail, and striking sound to the final results. It has a mixing knob for parallel compression, an air switch for high-frequency beautification, and much more. Provides all the convenient controls that do not include complex settings for etc. Softube Drawmer Activation Key features an improved multi-band compressor sound design, tuned to enhance your mix with minimal adjustments. The S73 does most of the work for you in making the decisions that a mastering engineer would make. Simply use the Style parameter to switch between out-of-the-box mastering processing techniques to quickly find the sound that best suits your mix.


  • Built-in mastering sound design
  • Take your mixes to the next level
  • The true analog sound of the 1973 Drawmer multiband compressor
  • Parallel compression possible with wet / dry mix knob
  • The ‘Air’ switch can bring more sparkle and shine to your mix
  • Ten styles to choose from
  • ILok USB key is not required


How do I create a Softube account?

To create an account; Click Login, enter your details in Create an account and confirm by clicking Register. When your account has been created, you will be asked to link your Softube account to an iLok account.

My activation token has expired, what do I do?

If you receive this message when trying to activate your account, please try to activate it again by following this link: You should then receive an email allowing you to activate the account. Check your spam folder if you don’t seem to be receiving email.

Can I demo the same plugin twice?

If you already have a demo license for a plug-in, it is not possible to request another demo license.

However, if you find our support team in a good mood, you may be able to get an extended demo (asking politely usually helps …).


It’s a great idea to model a complex piece of studio kit and then create a simplified version based on the same engine. As a result, Softube Drawmer Crack 1973 and S73 IMP models should satisfy both experienced and less confident users.

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