Softube Summit Audio Grand Channel 2.5.9 (x64) With Crack

Softube’s Summit Audio Grand Channel Crack is an emulation of the Summit Audio EQF-100 equalizer and TLA-100 compressor combined into a single channel perfect for adding analog-like vibrancy to your mixes. The first thing you’ll notice about the Grand Canal is that it has character. Just by putting it on your tracks with all flat settings, you’ll hear it adding your signature sound. The EQ section features four bands plus high and low pass filters. Each of the four bands has seven expertly chosen selectable center frequencies, a bandwidth control, a cut / boost / bypass switch, and a gain knob to control how much you are boosting or cutting. The two middle bands are bell filters, and the high and low bands can be configured in a bell or shelf shape. I would consider this to be a tone shaper rather than a surgical EQ. You really are capable of extreme movement with this EQ, drastically altering the sound of your tracks without making it sound unnatural.

Softube Summit Audio Grand Channel 2.5.9 Serial Key You can hardly make this sound bad. The low band is perfect for adding weight and warmth to bass or drums. The high band is incredibly silky and smooth, perfect for adding air to vocals or acoustic guitars. We were amazed at how far we could push the treble with this EQ without ever getting harsh. We found midbands to be great for putting guitars into the mix, pressing between 1.5 and 4k to help guitars cut through a dense mix, or cutting in the same area to tame overly aggressive tones. a gain reduction knob to control the amount of compression, an offset gain knob, and two switches to choose between fast, mid, and slow attack and release times. Softube took this compressor a step beyond its analog counterpart by adding some new features.

For one thing, there’s a wet / dry knob for effortless parallel compression, a feature I wish all compressors had. Softube also added a low cut filter that can be placed in the audio path or the compressor side chain detection path. Low cut can go up to 600Hz, so using it in the audio path is great for removing unwanted bass before the signal reaches the compressor. Using it in the side chain detector path, on the other hand, is useful when compressing low-end signals such as bass or drums to prevent the bass from pumping the compressor too much. Finally, there’s a saturation knob so you can control exactly how many analog characters you want, from flawless to gritty and anywhere in between. If I were to describe the sound of this compressor in one word, it would be transparent. Softube Summit Audio Grand Channel 2.5.9 License Key capable of handling even the most stubborn tracks without sounding too compressed. This is one of the few compressors that really works for me on electric guitars, capable of controlling dynamics and bringing guitars forward in the mix without sounding squashed or flat. On bass, it’s the same story – you can really take drastic action, locking it in place without taking life out of your performance.


Free Download Softube Summit Audio Grand Channel 2, full version offline standalone installer for Windows, Combines the smooth-running EQF-100 Combining the smooth-running EQF-100 parametric passive equalizer with the smooth but authoritative TLA-100A compressor, Summit Audio Grand Channel is a highly versatile Channel Strip that will cover most of your mixing needs. Available for download, Softube’s Summit Audio Grand Channel plug-in combines the EQF-100 Full Range Equalizer and TLA-100A Compressor plug-ins, giving you one channel for your mixes. Having the two combined into a single native plug-in makes adjustments easy, as you will often find that the compressor affects the EQ and vice versa. The Grand Channel plug-in UI features the bypass and routing panel, TLA-100A compressor, and EQF-100 full-range EQ stacked on top of each other, in that order. The user interfaces of the individual units are the same as those of the add-on modules. The EQF-100 EQ features four fully parametric EQ bands, a high-pass filter, a low-pass filter, and VU I / O meters. The TLA-100A compressor offers adjustable attack and release times and a knee character. smooth and smooth. Its additional panel offers low-cut, parallel compression, and adjustable harmonic drive via the drive knob.

The bypass and routing panel is used to connect or bypass the separate units and to select the order of processing. By default, the sound reaches the EQ before the compressor, but you can easily reverse the order with a single switch. Additionally, there are two main volume controls on the unit: the output volume on the EQF-100 and the gain knob on the Softube Summit Audio Grand Channel 2.5.9 Activation Key . The distortion characteristics produced by the EQF-100 and the TLA-100A are different. The TLA-100A has a separate saturation control that allows you to adjust the top range of the unit, so you can go from a clean sound with almost no audible distortion to a fully saturated sound, without leaving transients intact. Try more overdrive when tame transients on the drums, and turn the knob back when you need to warm up a vocal track. On the other hand, the distortion of the EQF-100 has a totally different character. Increasing the EQ or raising the output volume gives you a warm, thick kind of harmonic emotion that is suitable for vocals, bass, or brass. This software is compatible with Mac and Windows computers and can operate in VST, AU and AAX formats.


  • Flexible and easy to use with a wide range of sounds.
  • Individual bypass for each of the two units saves CPU power.
  • Change the order of the equalizer and compressor with a single switch.
  • Each and every one of the carefully modeled components.
  • Extremely analog behavior of frequencies, phase, distortion, attack, release, etc.


How do I redeem my softube tone and time package?

Once your product is registered, click on the ‘My software’ section in your account. 3. Scroll down the page to see the ‘Softube Time & Tone’ banner and then click ‘Get Softube …’> Click on the redeem code which will take you to the Softube website.

Do the Waves plugins work in GarageBand?

If you’re trying to load your Waves plug-ins into GarageBand but can’t find them, follow these instructions to make the plug-ins available. … Launch Waves Central through Applications> Waves Central. Log in to Waves Central using your Waves account information. Select the Licenses page.

What are softube pitch and time extras?

The original timing and tone package, included with your Focusrite * interface, lets you add space, depth, attitude, and a professionally mastered brilliance to all the music you create. Now you can expand it with Time and Tone Plus, the tools you need for vocal, guitar and drum production.

Do professionals use GarageBand?

Yes, GarageBand is used by many professional singers and music producers: Steve Lacy, T-Pain, Rihanna, and Oasis have been using GarageBand at some point. You can install GarageBand on all of your Apple devices, making it a very versatile DAW for music production.


Finally, Grand Channel simply bundles the EQF-100 and Softube Summit Audio Grand Channel 2.5.9 Product Key into a single plug-in, though you can skip either one independently to save CPU. The only other addition is a routing switch to change the order of the compressor and EQ. The two individual plug-ins blend seamlessly into Grand Channel to create a first-choice channel plug-in that makes anything sound better. Sometimes you may need to substitute the precision EQ or a faster compressor, especially for drums, but for general mixing tasks you can’t go wrong with this as your workhorse.

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