Softube Metal Amp Room v2.5.9.With Crack

Today we’re going to take a look at Softube’s new Softube Metal Amp Room Crack guitar amp simulation plug-in, along with its first expansion, the Marshall Amp & Cabinet collection. With 6 amps, 16 cabinets, 10 effects pedals, 3 studio effects and 8 utility modules, Amp Room offers a luxurious virtual recording studio that is equally accessible to both beginners and veteran guitar and bass enthusiasts. . Marshall Expansions add another 5 officially licensed Marshall Amps and 8 matching cabinets along with an elusive array of gold standard microphones. For this review, Softube kindly provided us with trial versions of the Amp Room, Marshall Cabinet Collection, and the 5 new Marshall amp modules. Let’s jump in and find out what Amp Room and Marshall Expansions have to offer songwriters! The Swedish team of audio software developers at Softube established themselves as one of the pioneers of true hardware emulation since they released their first plug-in ten years ago. With their original plug-ins “Vintage Amp Room” and “Metal Amp Room,” they set foot in the world of capturing realistic guitar tones from highly sought after amps and expensive recording chains.

Both plug-ins quickly became favorites with both bedroom composers and professional music producers for their compelling sound and authentic tonal behavior. Legendary guitar amp maker Marshall Amplification was so impressed with Softube’s work that they soon offered the Swedish team an exclusive license and endorsement to emulate their hardware products. Not only is the new Amp Room plug-in a completely reworked and refined version of the original software, it offers a completely new and modular ecosystem of professional-grade guitar and bass sounds, adding a host of new features and possibilities. The new Softube Metal Amp Room License Key plugin comes with a completely redesigned look that makes it easy to create your own recording chains. The plugin is designed in a modular way, which means that you start with a blank canvas and drag the sound modules as you go. Your library of modules to the left of the GUI is logically structured into five categories: pedals, amps, cabinets, studio effects, and utility modules. In the main window, create a signal processing chain that passes your signal from left to right. Your clean guitar or bass signal passes through the different types of gear one after another, just as it would on a real-world stage. The rig sequence suggested by the library structure is a typical sequence for guitar and bass recording, but nothing prevents you from changing it and putting things where you want.

You can also place so-called Split modules to split your signal into two or more paths and send it through different amp and cabinet combinations. You can click modules in the library to add them to the end of your chain, insert them by clicking on the “+” symbol between existing modules, or just drag them to the exact position you want. Once placed, you can easily drag modules to change the processing sequence. The upper part of the interface features a variety of cool utility functions, including a noise gate, DTC control, headphone mode, and tuner. The DTC (Dynamic Transient Control) control works like a transient shaper and adds more attack to your dry signal. Headphone mode adds simulated hall sound to your guitar signal to compensate for the dry and unnatural listening environment when recording with headphones. Amp Room offers you 260 elaborate presets created by Softube Metal Amp Room Serial Key expert guitar sound designers. These offer a generous supply of basic starting points, as well as more experimental processing chains made for unique guitar tones. Amp Room offers an elusive collection of iconic amps, cabinets, and microphones that you can use to create authentic guitar and bass sounds. The rig is faithfully modeled after coveted vintage hardware from brands like Fender, Vox, Marshall, Engl, and Ampeg. Although Softube can use the official brand only on Marshall equipment, it can quickly distinguish the real-life counterparts of the other amps by their appearance and sound.


Free Download Softube Metal Amp Room 2 full version standalone offline installer for Windows, amplify your guitar and bass to perfection. It is designed to give you the most brutal, evil and aggressive sound that is possible to extract from your DAW. It was co-developed with Patrik Jensen (The Haunted) and adapted to suit their needs. Vintage Amp Room’s continuous mic placement is back, but this time with twin microphones with adjustable stereo panning. Focusing on usability and sound quality, this is a plug-in that prides itself on not including a trillion amps, effects racks, patch cords, or a hair dryer. Just two channels, two cabinets, two mics per cabinet, and an incredibly fast noise gate for palm silence galore. Also, each setting is a setting that will sound good, making it almost impossible to get useless sound. Metal Amp Room is a true workhorse, a plug-in that will take care of all your metal needs without ever getting in your way.

We should probably add to our end-user agreement that by installing Metal Amp Room in your DAW, you accept that it is possessed by a dark, evil force. Also, you may want to consult an exorcist if you ever want to uninstall. It’s a prank. Metal Amp Room won’t make your computer screen spin (and you don’t want to uninstall it either), but it was designed with the intention of allowing your metal heads to get the most fiercely brutal high-gain guitar sound possible from your DAW. .Metal Amp Room was co-developed with Patrik Jensen (The Haunted) and adapted to his needs. Vintage Amp Room’s continuous mic placement is here too, but this time with twin mics and adjustable stereo panning. Get huge stereo sound with complex adjustable phase effects, a plain old mic right against the cone, or anything in between. Also included is a fantastic door, great for quiet palm galore. It opens blazingly fast, faster than any hardware door, and its release (how quickly it closes after opening) is program-dependent. This means that fast playback will give you an extremely fast closing gate, while slow playback will produce a slower release.


  • A brutal metal amp with a raw, authentic sound.
  • Program dependent guitar noise gate.
  • Two booths with two microphones per box.
  • Easy-to-use balancing stereo mic preamp for balancing the two microphones.
  • Flexible and seamless click-and-drag microphone positioning.
  • Fully automatable parameters.
  • Photorealistic 3D rendered user interface.
  • Compatible with all effects that work with real amps.


What does AMP mean in English?

1: amp. 2: amplifier also: unit consisting of an electronic amplifier and a speaker. amp. verb. amplified amp amplification.

How do I open my Softube amp room?

You can use the simplified version in the menu bar of each Softube plugin, or you can press the open window icon  to open the entire Preset Collection.

What is Softube Amp Room?

Amp Room comes with a collection of 16 pedals designed by Softube. It includes emulations of classic stompboxes, like Marshall’s The Guv’Nor, and originals, giving you a variety of distortions, overdrives, modulation effects, delay, reverb and everything in between to cover all your pedalboard needs.

What does AMF mean?

American Machine & Foundry (now AMF, Inc.) AMF.


Softube’s Metal Amp Room is a native plug-in that was designed to deliver the most aggressively distorted guitar sound possible in a DAW environment. Continuous mic placement via twin microphones and adjustable stereo panning makes it possible to generate massive stereo sound with complex adjustable phase effects, a simple old-fashioned “mic just against the cone” effect, or anything in between.

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